The World is Burning

Every time we turn on the news, we see or hear another report of an attempted stabbing, bombing, and other attacks on Jewish Israelis.  Scroll down any one of your social media sites and you’ll see blood curdling videos filled with gore, blood and boundless violence towards Jews; even “how to” videos depicting the more effective way to murder a Jew walking in the Old City of Jerusalem.  The latest rage of the Arabs is that they enjoy smelling the blood of their martyrs.

A few weeks ago Jerusalem came to a screeching halt due to the violence, but the government quickly stepped in and quickly regained control.

Now, a massive attack happened in Paris where many people died, and many other people celebrated the deaths of these innocent lives that were taken.  The attack was brutal and savage, and the perpetrators are believed to belong to ISIS, one of the most radical and violent factions of Islam.   The world was taken by surprise by this attack.  People are frightened and shocked.

What is going on with Ishmael?  Why are they so angry and threatening another Intifada?   Over the past couple of weeks many opinions have been circulating:  Maybe it’s because we go up to the Temple Mount, maybe it’s because we go to the Kotel, maybe it’s because we live in Judea and Samaria (West Bank), but no one has suggested that maybe there’s something deeper going on here.   So, let’s take a short journey back in time to where it all began:

Abraham and Sarah couldn’t have children of their own, but Gd promised Sarah that He would give her a child.  Sarah told Abraham to take Hagar, her personal maidservant,  as his “wife”, because maybe, she pondered, Gd would give her a child through Hagar.  Hagar gave birth to Ishmael (more on the meaning of his name later), and sometime later, Sarah gave birth to her son of promise, Isaac.  It seemed that Hagar and Sarah didn’t see eye to eye; even their sons were vastly different in personality.  Ishmael was wild and earthy like his mother, and Isaac was more gentle.  Sarah was afraid that Ishmael would have a negative effect on Isaac, so she petitioned Abraham to send Hagar and Ishmael away.  Gd told Abraham to do what Sarah said.  So, away into the  desert near Beer-Sheva they went with some food and water.  When the food and water ran out, Hagar couldn’t bear to hear or see Ishmael suffer and die of thirst, so she left him under a tree while she went quite a distance away and sat by herself.  Hagar was so distressed that she cried out to Gd for mercy and help.  Gd heard her cries, gave them a well of water and promised her that Ishmael would be fine and would go on to father a great nation.  Now, this is where the story takes a slight twist.  It seems like Gd wasn’t quite finished with His blessings for Ishmael.  Gd also promised that Ishmael would be a “wild man like a donkey braying in the desert, his hand against everyone, and everyone’s hand against him, and over his brothers he will dwell.”  (Genesis 16:12)  So, now we have a clue, an insight into who Ishmael was and who his descendants would be like.   Ishmael himself showed his father, Abraham, must respect and when Abraham died, both Ishmael and Isaac buried him.  However, the spiritual legacy continued on through his descendants.  Ishmael eventually settled in the desert of Paran which is near where Mecca is located in Saudia Arabia.

Let’s fast forward to the generations following Ishmael.  The Ishmaelites/Arabs were idol worshipers who had over 360 deities housed in the black Kaaba stone which was the religious center of the people.  It is believed that one deity, whose name was Allah, was used to refer to a creator deity among the other gods.  Mohammed received a vision that there is only one god, so he chose Allah to be the one god of his new religion, Islam.   Whether or not Allah is the same creator deity mentioned above is unclear, because the word Allah literally means “god” in Arabic.  But, that is another discussion (a very delicate one) for another time.   I just want to present you, at this time, with a background on Ishmael.   Like it or not, Islam was a religion born and spread by violence.  That is the simple, historical truth.   Not much has changed.

Please bear with me as I present many historical points in this post.

Let’s shift gears here and talk about Amalek.  Do you remember that name?  We’re supposed to remember it on a daily basis.  Now, as you know, Amalek was a physical tribe of people who were brutal and without mercy.  They were the ones who attacked the people of Israel on their way out of Egypt, but Amalek just didn’t attack everyone.  They specifically targeted the weak, elderly and the very young.  This speaks volumes about the character of Amalek.   They enjoyed killing and were literally blood thirsty.

Gd commanded King Saul to kill King Agag of the Amalekites, but he spared the king and his best livestock.   Instead, the Prophet Samuel killed King Agag with the sword.

It is said that Haman from Persia was a descendant of Amalek.

In Numbers 24:20: “He (Balaam) saw Amalek and declaimed his parable and said: “Amalek is the first amount nations (to attack Israel), but its end will be eternal destruction.”

The Amalekites had a territory where they traveled.  They were nomads who roamed from Negev desert, Sinai Peninsula to northern Arabia.  During my research on Amalek I discovered something very interesting.  Please let me share it with you.  In Arabic, the descendants of Amalek are called Al-Amaliq and were early residents of Mecca, and, according to Arabic tradition, it is believed they are one of the first tribes in region of Arabia to speak the Arabic language.    This is all according to Arabic tradition.  No real physical evidence of Amalek has been found in Arabia, possibly due to the fact that they were a nomadic people without roots,  but there are ancient Babylonian and Egyptian inscriptions referring to these people.

Today,  it is not clear who still has the physical genetics of Amalek, but the spiritual genetics remain.

There is another spiritual dimension that must be mentioned.  Do you remember the ancient Canaanite deity, Molech?  This was the idol that was part bull, part man with a fiery furnace into which people would throw their children as a human sacrifice.   Human sacrifice is still around today in the form of suicide bombers and leaders teaching their children to kill and sacrifice themselves as martyrs for their god.

Why did I overwhelm you with all of this information?  I want us to play that game, “Connect the Dots.”  Do you see a correlation between what we are facing in Israel and on a global scale with the descendants of Ishmael and how Amalek acted?  What is going here?

Why is it that there are peaceful Muslims who are demonstrating for the end of the violence, but other Muslims are taking up the sword and even teaching their children to kill?

The difference is spiritual; it depends on who has the spirit of Amalek.

Not everyone who practices Islam has the spirit of Amalek.  There are those who speak out, and try to dissuade their brothers and sisters from following down the evil path of jihad and Islamic extremism, but their voices are drowned out by the calls for Jewish blood.  Blood is what the spiritual descendants of Amalek wanted;  it is what they craved.

What is the answer?  How do we fight Amalek?  How do we fight the spirit of Molach, too?

In many rabbinic opinions, we are marching toward the End of Days.  It is told in the Zohar that within the Edomite Exile (the final Exile) will be the Ishmaelite Exile.  Ishmael will take over the world and strike fear into the hearts of all mankind.   Remember when I said I would talk about the meaning of Ishmael’s name?  Here it is:  Ishmael means,  “Gd WILL hear”,  future tense.  Gd WILL hear when we cry out to Him as Ishmael’s descendants are waging war against us.  There is hope.

We must somehow break the chains of Amalek to set the world free.  world on fire

To the Arabs I say:

Don’t believe the lies! Your lives are worth more than martyrdom! Your children’s lives are worth more than the lies laced with hate and violence.   Your leaders use you.  These leaders want you to go to your deaths as martyrs, but they are unwilling to lead you by example…they take your money, your lives, your honor and leave you with nothing but hearts filled with hate and anger while you bury your children. Wake up!

Your leaders are lying to you, fleecing you of your money, happiness, and future.

Your leaders live in multimillion shekel homes with no intention of martyrdom, while your people starve and live on a diet of hate and violence.

You have a good life in Israel.  Your women are free to do as they please without fear.  They can drive, receive an education, wear what they want, and walk the streets freely without fear.

You have freedom of religion here in Israel.

Please realize that there is a Gd who loves you and doesn’t want your people to live like this; constant hate, anger, killing and hurting others.  You are also Gd’s children and He has a Divine plan for peace for all of humanity.  By killing and maiming others, teaching your children to carry knives and to kill, you are blocking spiritual and physical peace for yourselves and your children.

Those of us who ascend Har HaBayit are not doing it for ourselves, but we are doing it for you, your children and the rest of humanity in order to bring about world peace and the Final Redemption.    Join us in this effort.  Be part of the spiritual transformation that will usher in a new era of lasting peace for your people and the world.  No more killing, no more hate, no more martyrdom, no more lies and deceit; You will have your children and your grandchildren home in peace.

Did you know that the Third Beit HaMikdash will be a “House of prayer for ALL nations/people”?  ( Isaiah 56:7 )   That’s right.   It is a permanent dwelling where Gd will unite Heaven and Earth to bring peace to all of humanity.   Why not choose life and the Final Redemption, the rebuilding Beit HaMikdash and the welcoming of Moshiach?    Give your family and yourselves lasting peace.

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Chava lives in Ma'ale Adumim with her children. They made Aliyah four years ago. Chava is an English teacher and a children's program director at a local school.
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