Yoseph Janowski
By the Grace of G-d

The World is Teetering

What to do?

France has riots. Israel is surrounded by terrorists. Canada wants to legalize euthanasia for the mentally ill. Society is polarized. Crime. Uncertainty. Fear. Where is it all headed? What can we do?

The Renaissance, the Enlightenment, Capitalism, Socialism, Democracies, Autocracies. We’ve seen it all, done it all, and in the past century alone over seventy million died in world wars. And many fear that a nuclear world is on the verge of World War Three.

The answer is Torah.

Torah is G-d’s wisdom. It’s a guidance manual, a survival manual, from the Creator. It tells us how to utilize science, technology, and everything else that we know and have, constructively.

When we study Torah, we are bonding our intellect in an intrinsic, all encompassing unity with His wisdom. G-d’s wisdom is in our intellect, and our intellect is encompassed by G-d.

And then we take His wisdom, understand His guidance, and teach others how to live their lives according to His will.

We tell all humanity, that at Mount Sinai, G-d told Moses to instruct all nations to observe the Seven Noahide Laws. This will bring peace.

We study Torah, and teach the Jewish nation the 613 Mitzvot.

There are many levels, and there is infnite depth, in Torah. There is the simple meaning, the mystical insights, the halacha (laws), and the lessons we can learn from each detail, every nuance, every letter. It’s G-d’s wisdom, and just as G-d is beyond infinite, His wisdom is also.

How are we able to access and understand something so vast? Because G-d distilled it. Take a drop of water from the ocean, and you can see the whole sky reflected in it. G-d took His wisdom and put it into the Torah that He gave us. And when we study it, when we understand and internalize it, we taste the Divine. And we know how to live our lives.

So the next time people ask you, “What can we do to save the world?” you can tell them.

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