The world needs enlightened world government

The world today is in a dismal state after all the high hopes for the new century. We appear to have learnt nothing from millennia of human history awash with blood, tears, suffering, tyranny, genocide and perpetual war. The only way to stop this abhorrent and potentially suicidal process is by the institution of world government headed by the most far-sighted, talented, visionary, and unprejudiced individuals on this planet. This revolutionary change must come about as soon as possible in order to prevent man’s self-extinction and that of planet earth before it is too late. We are standing on the precipice of suicidal self-destruction if we allow the current world situation of a large and motley collection of states vying for power and local hegemony with one another to the dismal detriment of humanity as a whole to continue to be perpetuated. And humanity deserves better, so to speak, a revolutionary start-up humanity harnessing all that is beneficial and progressive to produce a new global structure that will do away with war and fear of a nuclear holocaust and fatal climate change, and install a world leadership that will answer the vision of the prophets for an era of unbroken world peace and human happiness and progress, allowing humanity to fight the wars it should always be fighting, against disease, poverty, crime and all the other negative forces that pose a threat to a happy life for all on this earth. And this is what human history owes to itself and to life itself.

We have to recognize that if we are to save ourselves from extinction and to ensure the survival of the human species, we must radically change the way this world is being run, transforming the world from a “disunited and disjointed United Nations” into a humanity united by its true values: equality, cooperation, progress, creative democracy, tolerance, generosity, for every person that draws breath on this planet.

How are we to do this? How are we going to achieve this miracle that will restore our faith in ourselves and in our future? This can only be done by abandoning the age old structures of sovereign states in disastrous, destructive competition, each governed or misgoverned by a motley crew of self-seeking leaders who thirst for power within and without their own borders and wreak havoc with the average human being’s wish for a happy and fulfilling existence. We have to decide whether we wish to continue this obsolescent and self-defeating system of the sovereign state with all its failings and inherent dangers to us all, or whether we shall be mature enough with our ages of experience and tradition to ensure the survival of our race by the institution of enlightened world government for the benefit of mankind.

It is said that the beauty of humankind lies in its diversity of race, colour, religion etc, and this may well be true on a philosophical–literary level, but history proves that this diversity has always been the root cause of humanity’s woes in that it has promoted conflict, conquest and subjugation throughout the centuries until this very day. Man is reputed by some authorities to have emerged from an apelike cave-dwelling existence in the wilds and the jungles, but it often seems in the light of the countless horrific events of this century and the last that if man has left the jungle the jungle has never left man. This remains true for many war torn countries and parts of the world to this very day, causing untold misery and suffering for countless millions. For this disastrous state of affairs to end we need enlightened world government that will set humanity on a new path to a brighter and more secure future.

A world government does not mean the end of independent states with their own cultural and religious traditions, but it will mean the end of all those negative and divisive characteristics that scar and stain the lives of ordinary folk. No longer will sovereign states be ruled by leaders –be they presidents or kings – who rise to the top over the bodies of their opponents and then struggle to retain power at the expense of their citizens and subjects. The World Governing Council will appoint leaders who will be answerable to the world government and who will be chosen for their ability to do good for their people and for humanity as a whole. The aim of the world government will be to ensure that every member of the human race, whatever his origin and wherever he exists on the face of the earth, will receive equal benefits of human progress and human technological innovation. The whole purpose of the world government is to ensure that such a project is successfully implemented and carried out in every part of the world and in every country and state without exception. The result of such a revolutionary step will be to usher in an unprecedented era of peace, stability, harmony and prosperity the world over, a state of affairs that all major religions have aspired to and which so far has never been attained.

Admittedly, to get the nations and their leaders to accept such a revolution in human affairs and destiny will not be easy, but it is by no means an impossible task, and one made more practicable by the unprecedented impact on human existence of the globalization of technological advances that have reduced our planet to village dimensions and have made human beings everywhere aware that the fate and future of humanity is in our hands if only we will recognize the urgency of the problem before it sweeps us into oblivion like a nuclear tsunami. World government is the only way to save humanity from itself, from all the forces of evil and anarchy and terror that are menacing future of sovereign states and in the end menacing the future of mankind as a whole. We have to accept that in many parts of the world the traditionally accepted forms of government have failed and must be revolutionized and brought up to date in order to create a new world order based on one united humanity, based on humanitocracy, a system of world government based on the belief in the advancement of and the guaranteed future of humanity as a whole.

How will world government change little Israel? Probably in many ways too numerous to list here. But above all, it will remove the many-decades-old specter of conflict with our neighbors and usher in an era of cooperation and development in a Middle East that that will have forsaken the destructive power of the sword and the bullet for the far superior powers of peaceful coexistence, religious tolerance and the general prosperity and contentment, and allow the State of Israel to complete the ingathering of the Jewish people and to occupy its rightful place in the forefront of human progress, innovation, and in a world that the prophets envisioned and which humankind will at long last have achieved.

It seems appropriate, in this year of 2019, and as we celebrate our own Rosh Hashana, to offer this fresh vision of hope for a better world for all members of the human race.

David Herman, Jerusalem, email:

About the Author
London-born David Herman came on aliyah in 1966 after graduating from Cambridge University. In the 1960s, he founded the Good Times Publishing Company specializing in publishing newspapers in simplified English, French and Arabic for the Israeli school system. David currenty works as a translator, and is also very active in the field of songwriting and performing under the musical name, David Ben Reuven.