Talya Woolf

The worst of me

November 2, 2023

Headline on Times of Israel: Blinken to push for short humanitarian pauses in fighting – NY Times

I’m not perfect. Never claimed to be.
I simply try to be the best ‘me’ I can be, and maybe leave the planet a little better than I found it.

I admit that I have dated the wrong guys and I have made friends with the wrong people. But (especially now) I live my life for myself, my husband, my kids, my family, and my friends – definitely not for others.

I will do what I need to do for those I love. BUT – and this is a big one – I will never intentionally hurt other people, emotionally or physically… unless they earn it with their own behavior. Even then, I try to distance myself from negativity or toxic people rather than tearing them down (though there are times I get tempted).

On my good days, I am there for others, listening and lending a hand.

On a good day, I give my time and money to assist others who need it.

On my good days, I sit quietly and read a book or play guitar.

On a good day, I cook and clean and feel like myself.

On a really good day, I donate blood and clothes and shoes to strangers.

On my great days, I invite other parents’ kids over to play and feed them so that their moms/dads can get a break.

On a bad day, I ignore phone calls and messages.

On a bad day, I walk around with a little black storm cloud over my head.

On a bad day, I might yell and snap at my children.

On several of my bad days, I have started verbal fights with people.

On one of my really bad days, I spied on a person to make sure they followed through on a promise.


On my worst day ever, I never raped anyone.

On my worst day ever, I never murdered a human being.

On my worst day ever, I never kidnapped babies.

On my worst day ever, I never mutilated party-goers.

On my worst day ever, I never decapitated a person.

On my worst day ever, I never tied together family members and burned them alive.

And I most definitely, never ever bragged about it to someone else.

I could continue just as the horrors have continued.

Empty chairs at empty tables. Picture by Talya Woolf

We are approaching four weeks now. They are discussing a cease fire – a CEASE FIRE – rather than a surrender, for “humanitarian purposes.”

Are you f*&%ing kidding me right now?

Where are the hostages?? Where are the 230+ people ripped from their homes, parents, and children?? Where are the babies stolen from their cribs?? And who knows what condition they are in.

The last time there was a ‘cease fire,’ we ceased and they kept firing. Seems fair.

Here’s my counter-offer:
1. Hamas returns all the hostages alive (every last one of them).
2. Hamas steps down from its ‘leadership’ role and surrenders completely.
3. Hamas puts the hundreds of millions of dollars of funds it has received to date in escrow.
4. All Hamas leaders surrender themselves to the Israeli government.
5. Hamas seal up all their tunnels and headquarters from under its hospitals, schools, and mosques.

It will never happen. I expect nothing. At this point, not from the international community and not from the UN.

Prove me wrong. I’m waiting.

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Talya Woolf is an eight-year Olah with four spirited children and a fantastic husband. She is a writer, American-licensed attorney, handgun instructor, amateur photographer, and artist. She is politically confusing, Modern Orthodox (though she doesn't dress the part), and ardent Zionist (ZFB). She enjoys spending time with family, friends, running, photography, and reading about highly contagious diseases and WWII.
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