The Wrong Street

Being a part of one of the largest campuses in the U.S, I have been privileged enough to be exposed to the opinions, and experiences, of students from countless of different countries and nations. Whether the conversations are as deep as the political turmoil in Egypt, or as shallow as discussing the nightlife in Denmark – It is very easy to find oneself indulged in learning facts about the world through stories.

Unfortunately, in the political world, it seems like we see again and again that leaders are going out of their way to slander, and simply disregard fact, in order to create a false narrative that they later advertise. What is even more upsetting is that it seems as if much of the international community has become willing to sacrifice the concept of “fact” due to fear of sounding biased or causing offence.

For instance, the so called “moderate” president of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, still continues to make it a point to deny the Holocaust, even while there are still people walking around with numbers tattooed on their arms – yet Obama still maintains his legitimacy as a peace partner for the Jewish State. When the Turkish president, Recep Erdogan, does not acknowledge the genocide that his nation committed on the Kurds, the mass graves still remain; yet Turkey also remains an associate member of the EU: an organization that represents values of western liberalism. If Syrian president Basher Al Assad again meets with Russian president Vladimir Putin to discuss “peaceful” weapons deals I can guarantee that the poisonous gas unleashed on the Syrian people will not come out of their lungs. Unfortunately, no one is surprised when the UN makes no plan for action in Syria. Acknowledging these facts does not make them any more or less true, and it definitely does not turn people who do into bigots.

However, the failure of the West to take action has resulted in unwarranted legitimacy and support for terror entities.

Moreover, it seems as if many Western, liberal, and even some that claim to be “Pro Israeli” institutions are not only refusing to take action against destructive lies told by authoritarian regimes- but they are in fact succumbing to their slander and using it to build their own narrative.

For example, during the recent J-street conference, its founder and president, Jeremy Ben Ami, literally said that he was “having fun” letting his organization give a stage to leaders talking about how “Palestinians will have their capital in East Jerusalem” not too long after Reuters referred to the Temple Mount as simply the “Al-Aqsa compound” that was currently being “Occupied by the Israelis”. In other words, widely read Western media outlets and self-proclaimed pro-Israel organizations seem to be willfully ignoring Jewish claims to the ancient land with the hopes of delegitimizing the lone Jewish state.

However, regardless of their falsehoods, it is fact that Jerusalem became a city when King David made it the Jewish Capital. It is fact that the Jews have always had a presence in Jerusalem, and regardless of how many heads of state refuse to recognize it, it is fact that Israel exists. These claims are not means of Western or Zionist Propaganda- they are fact. When J-Street and the media succumb to narratives that are hinged on falsehoods and give them legitimacy they themselves are acting as bigots.

Israeli soldiers praying at the Western Wall
Israeli soldiers praying at the Western Wall

Furthermore, instead of acknowledging fact, the world had to witness J-street supporters give soaring applause at their conference when Israel was asked to “fully recognize its role in the Nakba (Arabic for  “The Catastrophe”, ie. Israeli independence)” and end what J-street called the “Sinful” occupation of Judea and Samaria -comments that echo the European Union’s decision to literally declare every Jew living in ancient Judea and Samaria, and ancient Jerusalem as not Israeli- again further disregarding fact in attempt to rewrite history and artificially decide who is Israeli and who is not.

How exactly are J-Street and the European Union going to decide who is “rightfully Israel” and who is “illegitimate”?  Are the Germans going stand on a podium directing Ariel, Beit El, and Hebron to the right and Tel Aviv, Haifa, and Beer Sheba to the left? Or are they going to get the Ukrainians and Romanians to do their work for them while having some Jews act as police?

The answer is actually quite simple- they will not. The same way that Ahmadinejad and Abbas claiming the Holocaust was a lie will not undo the train tracks to Auschwitz, the same way that Reuters will never be able to remove the Jewish presence from the city that King David built – Jeremy Ben Ami, the EU, the Arab league, and the UN will never be able to change the fact that Israel is here to stay, and (the united) Jerusalem will always be the capital of the Jewish nation!

Authored By Ron Feingold,

About the Author
Ron Feingold is the Director of Public Relations and Journalism for Students Supporting Israel- an international organization founded in Minnesota. While presiding over the University of Minnesota Chapter of Students Supporting Israel he also serves as an Emerson fellow for StandWithUs, a Hasbara Fellow, Liason to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), as well as the Myron Zimmerman Award winner from the ZOA. Having been trained by the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America, his work has been published in the Times of Israel, Truth Revolt, Campus Reform, the Minnesota Daily, the MN Republic and more. His political work includes being an intern for former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, and an intern for Senate candidate Mike McFadden.