The Zionist Ideologist’s Facebook Crib Sheet, Part III

“Dear friend,

You say that Israel is the problem. It has the best army in the world, while Hamas has homemade rockets and assault rifles; not fair. Israel = bully. Kids encouraged by Hamas to throw stones at Israeli soldiers are desperate and poor – all Israel’s fault. There’s no need to reason with anyone here; it’s all Israel’s fault. Period. And if Hamas hates Israel so much that it wants it wiped off the face of the Earth, surely there must be a reason for this hatred. Surely it must be justified. Horrible Israel must’ve done something…horrible to democratically-elected Hamas.


If a shark or a crocodile wants to eat me alive because that’s how it sees the world, I don’t ask why it wants to do that to me, I act to prevent being killed by it. The question Why hate? is already wrong; no reason can be convincing enough. The question is Why not love? But you’ll never see Hamas or the majority of the brainwashed “Arab street” asking it. Therein lies the problem.

All the idealistic moral lessons the world is trying to teach Israel, the Jewish people already know and practice. And that is because they invented them. The concepts of morality, conscientiousness, fair dealing, and loving your neighbor were introduced to the Western world by Jewish scripture. In modern-day Israel, although its Arab neighbors have threatened its very existence throughout its duration, there are countless people wondering what else Israel could do to be even more humane, more understanding, more protective of the people it wants to live in peace with. You don’t get anything like that going on on the other side (except for a handful of individuals who receive death threats from Hamas, and sometimes their own families, even while in exile). “Even on its worst day, Israel acts with greater care and compassion and self-criticism than Muslim combatants have — anywhere, ever.”

“What would the Israelis do if they could do what they wanted? They would live in peace with their neighbors – if they had neighbors who would live in peace with them.” 

Please take the time to learn the facts and the history – after which you will know that there is no such thing as “the Israeli occupation of Palestine” or “the wholesale taking of land” or, for that matter, the “Palestinian people” – they are for the most part ethnic Jordanians and Egyptians who started arriving in what is today Israel about 150 years ago, as guest workers, in many cases to work for the Jews that came from pogrom-riddled Russia and other countries, and who paid good money to local landowners for land (thus acquiring it legally). Imagine someone from Patterson, NJ saying that their ethnicity is “New Jerseyan” simply because their family has lived in the Garden State for over 100 years. Sounds preposterous, doesn’t it? These are Egyptian and Jordanian Arabs who began to refer to themselves as “Palestinians” after 1967, as part of a PR masterstroke by Y. Arafat (who himself notoriously stressed his Egyptian, not “Palestinian” ethnicity) and his PLO.

People who don’t understand that tiny Israel is fighting the fight for western civilization against would-be colonizing barbarians while Europe stands and watches, and even criticizes it, are easily swayed by manipulated and even staged pictures of Palestinian suffering (google “Palliwood”) and are simply ill-informed, although often well-meaning. Israel is in the vanguard of a battle against a horde with a global sharia agenda. A horde that is doing everything to be at Europe’s and America’s doorstep sooner than you think.

“The truth is that we are all living in Israel. It’s just that some of us haven’t realized it yet.”

History shows plainly that the way a country treats its Jews is the way it will ultimately treat its other citizens. We are the canary in the coalmine, and in the same way the world now marginalizes Israel, as a proxy for the Jews – because Israel always was and will be a state created by Jews as a safe haven for Jews (as well as a country for anyone else who wants to live in it peacefully) – it will marginalize itself.

Please, for your own self-respect, take the time, check the facts, learn some additional ones, and form your opinion based on the entire picture, not just the part that fits into your preferred worldview. If you’re not up to doing that, then I say to you civilly: you don’t have my respect, and you can’t have my time for the purpose of discussing the situation in the Middle East.

Shalom aleichem / As-Salamu alaikum (Peace be upon you).”

[The sentences in italics and quotation marks are taken from Sam Harris, Why Don’t I Criticize Israel?]
About the Author
David Lavie is originally from Odessa, Ukraine. After 26 years in NYC, he made aliyah in 2014. He is a writer and translator, bringing a bi-cultural perspective to life in Israel.