The Zionist Witch Hunt on the Left

Those pesky Jews…… sorry Israelis. They know how to make antisemitism work for them.

Over the next few days you will see various posts and feedback from a meeting held in Birkbeck College, London.  Here is the flier:

Birkbeck Flier
Birkbeck Flier

I do attend Jewish and Israeli events, but how is one to balance an argument unless you listen to both sides.  Albeit, events like this one are not a balanced or rational discussion.

The last time I was at Birkbeck was also a fascinating event.  An evening demonstration of a media product to teach students about the suffering of Palestinians and the evils of the Zionist project.  At that meeting I watched the product’s PR tell the audience that Israel and the Jewish super wealthy bought politicians.  After the presentation, a stall was selling various Palestinian themed books including a copy of a book by the leader of Hamas which promoted the terror activities of the terror group:

The political thought of the Islamic Resistance Movement – Hamas: Written by Khaled Meshaal, 2013

So Birkbeck College has, you might say, “form”.

This meeting was somewhat more vibrant and topical. This meeting featured the most ardent of the Corbyn supporting Left. They were there to discuss, in theory, anti Zionism, antisemitism, Palestine and the Left. But mainly, they were to join in a chorus of hatred against Israel and provide all the narrative that one would ever need to prove that antisemitism

a) doesn’t mean you can’t hate Israel to oblivion,

b) doesn’t exist on the Left and

c) only exists to make victims of the decent people have, at least, antisemitic tendencies

Amongst the motley crew of decent Left leaning statesmen (or should that be states-people) were representatives of Jews for Justice for Palestinians, Stop the War, Unite against Fascism, veterans of the Left and the culture angle from Tariq Ali.

The Motley Crew
The Motley Crew

Others, such as David Collier, Jonathan Hoffman and Richard Millett, will write excellent political analysis of the events of the evening and bare witness to the hate.   So I will tell you just one simple message that the evening’s panel wanted you to know:


Chief amongst the victims of this malevolent antisemitic myth, Jeremy Corbyn. If it wasn’t for those pesky scheming Zionists (insert Jews and Israelis if preferred) Jeremy would be heading for a landslide majority government and a place in Labour’s history books.  If it wasn’t for those conniving zio lobbyists, Jews wouldn’t experience so much hatred from Muslims. If it wasn’t for those manipulating Jewish politicos (like Mark Regev) controlling the media airwaves there wouldn’t be a Jew hater in site and if wasn’t for those murdering Israelis killing Palestinian children with gay abandon, Jews the world over would be safe and loved by every decent human being. And of course, if Israel would just let all those 6, 7, no, 8 million Palestinian refugees from around the world back in to Palestine and let the resulting Arab majority decide what should become of the Israel, then there would be World Peace. Of course, as we were told by Tariq Ali, no less, the Muslims have a great history of caring for and working with the Jews (albeit he conveniently forgot the near million that were forcibly exiled from all parts of the Arab world around the same time as the State of Israel was created and the plans of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem to name but two Muslim incited extermination plans).

As those of you who follow me know, I’ve been writing to Jeremy Corbyn and some of his colleagues for the last 9 months or so on an almost daily basis about his “antisemitism problems”. His personal relationship with it, his allies, parliamentarians and councillors in the Labour Party who freely bandy antisemitic tropes and his loyal membership who preach antisemitism without a care for who hears it and what they think.

Three outcomes I predict:
1.Labour will continue to be the party of hate towards Israel until Corbyn and his cronies are defeated and the in house antisemitism will not go away despite the best attempts of the extreme Left calling it a witch hunt / smear campaign
2.The Labour inquiry into antisemitism will justify the suspension of those who are outspoken about hatred of Jews as a racial stereotype, but will find NO link between antisemitism and Israel
3.Labour will state that anti Zionism is legitimate and is NOT antisemitism as it is the right of anyone to believe that Jews should not have the right to self determination, except they will call it “legitimate criticism of Israel policy”.

Birkbeck College was the inner sanctum of Israel-, Zionist- and Jew-hatred on this evening. There, with no sense of injustice or irony, defining antisemitism were the foot soldiers of the new antisemitism.

As a tidy dénouement to tonight’s episode, I recalled the stall selling that Hamas book. I wondered whether I could buy a copy of this terror manual on line. Sure enough Amazon would not sell such a hate ridden and vile book, but the Amazon marketplace has everything for sale. There I found a copy for sale from a source close to the heart of Jeremy himself. Corbyn, had, a few years previously vehemently defended a leading member of the Anglican clergy who had made mendacious antisemitic statements. The church suspended him, just like the Labour party now does with its bigots. The clergyman and the book seller were one and the same, Stephen Sizer. Thus was a night of Jew hate neatly rounded off.

About the Author
Like many Jews in London, the intolerable bias against Israel and Jews at large drove Stephen to make his voice heard. As an Ordinary Londoner, people have taken notice and he has made a difference. He found his voice. He continues to speak out.