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Theory of oppression 101

I wanted to watch those men in the eyes. I wanted to see their faces, the faces of men who hate me, my children, and you, readers of a “Zionist” publication. I wanted to see the faces of the men who have harassed Jewish teenagers on the night of Hanukah on a busy street in London.

But I can’t.

I cannot see those faces. The BBC has blurred the features.

The dignity of those who harass Jewish children must be preserved (filed under: Jews don’t count). And now these men are on the go; nobody knows where they are. No one has been investigated, no one has been arrested.

So I cannot watch them in the eyes.

Nonetheless, I try to understand their hate.

In this Country, I keep on reading, there is a problem of Jewish racism. It is a malaise about which there are no data, but who needs data when you have certainties, such as “Zionism is racism” and the like.

If Zionism is racism, Zionists are racists. British Jews are Zionists, so they must be racist as well. QED.

Someone must have informed these men that there are racists among the teachers and the family of these teenagers. And let’s be honest,  haven’t you read the Facebook group Jewish Britannia? They have some reason. Jewish racism is a problem.

These men do not hate the Jews; they merely try to defend themselves.

What a wonderful opportunity to be empathic they offer to us!

If only the Jews who govern Israel gave up providing Arab antisemites with reasons to hate the Jews in the UK!. If only British Jews were adamantly opposed to Israeli crimes and Israel, then we certainly would have far less antisemitism, sorry! the tension between communities in the UK.

How am I going? See, I am already blaming the Jews for antisemitism. How politically progressive I am.

Because the goal must not be to protect Jewish children. Let us not be parochial! Have we forgotten the universalistic values of Judaism?

Neither the goal must be to find the aggressors. Why should it be? We’ve seen they were trying to defend themselves and their Palestinian brethren.

Are you going to deny the horrible crimes committed by the Israeli Army? Every time you focus on antisemitism, you concede to the Zionists and forget that racism is systemic.

So let us educate ourselves about systemic racism. In the long run, we’ll have a different system in UK and Palestine and antisemitism will disappear.

(There is a name for the belief that children’s pain is necessary to acquire redemption: children sacrifice. We Jews gave it up some thousands of years ago, but it has probably been part of some colonialist project).

“Check the privilege” is the next step.

These teenagers are Jews. These men are not Jewish. Therefore, the teenagers are “structurally privileged” and have “more agency” than their aggressors.

I personally find it difficult to understand this Jewish “structural privilege”. Two weeks ago, I learnt that in 1982 the Italian government failed to protect Jewish citizens. Palestinian terrorists have been allowed to murder a two-year-old toddler and to leave the scene undisturbed. Does it mean that Palestinians are “structurally privileged” in Italy? Of course not! Only Jews are “structurally privileged”. Even slaughtered when toddlers.

And, of course, Jewish teenagers are “structurally privileged”! So am.

Because I am “structurally privileged”, I must not abuse my power to oppress the “structurally non-privileged” thugs. On an evening of Hanukah, they express their non “structurally privileged,” desire for justice, by harassing Jewish kids.

I hope you see how quickly I have dismantled the structure of privilege that still obfuscate my perception of reality.

Next step. Racism and antisemitism are part of capitalism. When capitalism will be destroyed, we’re 100% sure no racism nor antisemitism will pollute our thoughts.

You probably have heard something about Jews sent to Siberia in the non-capitalistic Soviet Union. It was just comrade Stalin trying to prevent the Zionist colonisation of Palestine. Sending Jews in Siberia and murdering Jews in Russia was a way to express solidarity with the Palestinians.

So let us learn the “theory of oppression”, and we’ll see that those antisemitic thugs (sorry: those “structurally not privileged” allies in the joint fight for liberation) do not hate the Jews.
Once they are educated in the “theory of oppression” -why don’t we register together for a class?- and after two rounds of polka, prejudices will disappear.

No one has told them that Jews are victims of racism, No one has educated them about the horrors of the Holocaust. They probably do not even know that the Holocaust has happened.
And why is one doing the Nazi salute against a bus loaded with Jews?

Sorry, this question comes from a “structurally privileged” place.

I won’t ask anymore; let us continue with the “theory of oppression”. I feel transformed already.

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Italian by birth, Israeli by choice, Rabbi of the largest synagogue in Sussex (UK). Uncompromising Zionist.
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