Yoseph Janowski
By the Grace of G-d


Biden speaks about remembering the Holocaust and October 7, and at the same time holds up delivering weapons for Israel to destroy Hamas.

World leaders pay lip service to Holocaust memorials, and at the same time condemn Israeli efforts to destroy Hamas.

Antisemitism has increased many-fold, as left wing ideologists and students who are clueless to decency and basic moral values scream and chant and threaten.

Therefore it’s time to strengthen our trust in G-d to protect us.

Therefore it’s time to increase our efforts to unify the Jewish nation.

Therefore it’s time to let our Jewishness shine proudly.

Therefore it’s time to tell ourselves, that G-d watches over the land of Israel, “from the beginning of the year to the end of the year.” (Deuteronomy 11; 12)

Therefore it’s time to be more convinced than ever, that even when other nations help us, ultimately we don’t rely on them. We rely on G-d, the Guardian of Israel, Who conducts our lives and the lives of everyone around us by Divine providence.

Therefore, we remain confident that we will triumph over our enemies, and we will teach the world true morality, as stated in Torah, and the seven Noahide laws which G-d told Moses at Mount Sinai to tell all the nations of the world, including the law to not murder, including the law to set up courts to enforce these laws.

Therefore we will persevere, we will cleave to our G-d and be a light to the nations, and we will win the battle against evil.

Therefore it’s time to reinforce our belief in Moshiach, a belief that our ancestors have held fast to for two thousand years, a belief and conviction that he can come today.

We will win. And the entire world will see, forevermore, that “G-d is One, and His Name is one.” (Zechariah 14; 9)

And the time will soon come, when “the world will be filled with knowledge of G-d, just as the waters cover the sea.” (Isaiah 11; 9)

May it happen very soon.

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