There’s a storm coming…

There are dark clouds gathering on the horizon, my friends… dark clouds.  And they are pouring over the mountains and across the seas, rushing towards us like an unleashed tsunami, packed with lightning and thunder and a roar of anger.

That storm is the world turning against Israel.  That thunder we hear shaking the ground is the frustration of those who have become increasingly desperate and irritated, as this little country of Israel refuses to give in to their demands.  That crack of lightning is the crack of the whip as they wring their hands, thinking of new ways to punish it.  That sultry smell in the air is the obvious disdain that’s found its way into their nostrils, as their warped visions of what they call ‘peace’ dissipates in the electric air.

Now that Israeli elections have passed and the choice has been made by the Israeli public, much to the abhorrence of the world bodies, the world has decided that it will no longer respect the voice of the people of Israel – a voice spoken freely and without intimidation.  They will no longer respect the democracy of the State of Israel.  They will no longer respect the choice of the people.  Instead, they will dictate to the State of Israel and its citizens how things should be – much the same way a dictator tells the citizens of a country how they should live.

This has already begun with the Obama Administration saying it would “reassess” its relations with Israel – in other words punishing Israeli voters – as if someone sat in your favourite chair in the school canteen, and you want to get them back.  Yes – it is that childish.

Then there was the mysterious declassification of a document on Israel’s nuclear program by the Pentagon – a reported breach of the silent agreement that existed to keep Israel’s nuclear infrastructure quiet – a factor that probably gives Israel some kind of deterrence against the aggressive countries around them – the ones that have land mass 650 times bigger and a population of almost 50 times more.  Interestingly, sections of the document on Italy, France and other NATO countries remained blocked out.

The European Union has reportedly prepared a series of sanctions to unleash on Israel if it doesn’t dance to the tune of the Tarantella, perhaps the way Federica Mogherini, the EU’s Foreign Affairs officer danced with Yasser Arafat during her visit to him in 2002.

And Ban Ki Moon, head of a social club in New York, known as the United Nations, has advised Israel on how to stay a democracy.  That is very helpful of him, considering Israel just held democratic elections.  Perhaps he might advise some of the members of his club not on how to stay a democracy, but rather on how to become one – since the majority of its members are not.  And to add another feather to his very progressive social club cap, the United Nations has also determined the World’s Worst Violator of Women’s Rights is…drum roll…Israel!  That’s right – Israel is far worse than Syria (where government forces employ rape), Saudi Arabia (where women have zero rights and are brutally punished for anything), Sudan (where there is no minimum age for “consensual” sex), Iran (where “adultery” is punishable by death and countless others.

So as this storm seems to gather momentum, we have to ask ourselves a question.  Can we stop it?  Can we stop a storm?  The answer is no, you can’t – at least not by any force known to human kind.

But what you can do is weather it.  You can strengthen the foundations of your house with truth.  You can plaster your walls with self-belief.  And you can batten down the hatches with a strong moral base.

And as the winds around this little country howl and roar, tearing at it and trying to break down its barriers, I nevertheless have a strange sense of comfort.

And the thing that comforts me is that the normal rules of the universe don’t seem to apply to Israel.  Because in Israel, if the world criticises you, it means you’re doing a good job.

It’s the universal praise we should all worry about…

About the Author
Justin Amler is a South African born, Melbourne based writer who has lived in South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.