There’s no buts in Terrorism

I am no fan of French foreign policy. Never have been. When I think of France, I do not get the warm fuzzies. I think of the raging anti-Semitism happening there causing Jews who have lived there for hundreds of years to leave en mass. I think of the the anti Israel protests that have taken place in France which have included burning the Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu in effigy. Thousands routinely march against Israel. At one rally, which took place well over a year ago, chants included “Jews out of France!” Some of the marchers gave the anti-Semitic “quenelle” inverted Nazi salute.

Despite it all, I am unsettled seeing certain posts on social media which basically say, ” I feel bad about the massacres in Paris, but they are anti Israel, so they deserve it,” or, “I feel bad about the massacres in Paris, but Israel lives this reality every day so there.”

I don’t view terrorism as a big competition to see who suffers the most, or who has it worst. Terrorism is Terrorism. Terrorism is the cowardly, barbaric, brutal murdering of innocents. It is leaving explosives at the Boston marathon, claiming the lives of innocent bystanders enjoying a nice Boston day. It is the vicious cowards plunging enormous knives into unsuspecting Israeli citizens. It is the suicide bombings that rocked Beirut, claiming 43 lives of those trying to enjoy a fall day. It is the sickening murder of Rabbi Yaakov Litman and his son Netanel driving to a yishuv for Shabbos to celebrate their daughter and sister’s upcoming wedding. And terrorism is the heinous murder of over 120 French who were trying to enjoy a night out on the town.

There are no ifs, ands, or buts in terrorism. Just like I am sickened when I hear people say, “the attacks against the Jews in Israel is sad, but they are evil occupiers,” so too I am saddened by the comments, “the random murder of the French is sad, but…

Terrorism is Terrorism. I am praying that the nations of the word can unite and eradicate terrorism once and for all. I am praying for the full recovery of the hundreds of those injured by terror attacks. And I pray that G-d should grant comfort to all of those who have tragically lost loved ones due to acts of terror.

May G-d help us all.

About the Author
Rabbi Daniel Wolfe recently became the Director for JewPro, the Young Adult Division of the Jewish Experience of Denver, Colorado. For the last three years prior, he was a campus rabbi at SUNY Albany for Aish New York. He holds a BA From Brandeis University, double majoring in Politics and Near Eastern and Judaic Studies. He enjoys writing, and maintains an active blog.