There’s no place for racists in Jewish and Israel advocacy

I’ll be enjoying a Shabbos rest, and even if I wasn’t, reading the Guardian’s paid for ads wouldn’t be my activity of choice.

But, sadly, there is apparently about to appear in the Guardian a whole page advert paid for by a rather liberal sounding group:”Jewish Human Rights Watch”.

Unfortunately, these aren’t protected titles, and any old bunch of folks, Jews or non Jews can set up such an organisation and sound highly representative and competent. But this appears to be a tiny group of activists who are determined that they are the self appointed guardians of Jewish Human Rights (whatever those may be).

They’ve clearly got a lot more money than seichel, because their paid for ad in the Guardian not only seriously goes for the wrong target but opens themselves up to ridicule and discrediting by just the sort of people who buy and read the Guardian because they hate Israel so much.


This is an amazingly stupid ad. It alleges “Jews” are being subjected to an academic boycott.

But the bunch of 343 Marxist mainly retired ancient relicts and their Islamist sympathiser academic allies who put a pro-boycott paid for ad into the Guardian did not urge the boycotting of “Jews”.

They urged the boycotting of Israeli academic institutions, on the grounds that they contribute to what they call the oppression of Palestinians and the occupation etc etc.

So that’s like paying for a very large target for the Israel haters to point that out and use their usual mantra of saying that Israel and its supporters wrongly invoke the Nazis just to discredit legitimate criticism of Israel as antisemitism.

Like  I say, the actions of shlemiels who far from being just the folk to defend “Jewish human rights” can’t even get their targets right.

But that’s not all there is to be said about “Jewish Human Rights Watch”.

Jewish Human Rights Watch as a group “likes” Britain First.

Britain First is a truly disgusting racist organisation which works at stirring up hatred of Muslims via very attractive looking posters which it posts around on Facebook and tries to get people to put up on their feed. Many people don’t realise just what a vicious and dangerous organisation Britain First is, and help them along.


I’ve seen some instances of its anti-Muslim images being circulated on Facebook feeds I follow. I always try and critique them and reveal what they are all about.

Blanket hatred of Muslims and of Islam per se should have no place in Jewish or Israel advocacy. We need to bear in mind, if nothing else, the fine service done in Israel by the many Muslims who serve in the IDF, who are amongst Israel’s dedicated professionals, professors, doctors, judges, and some of whom have given their lives trying to protect Jews under attack from Islamist terrorists and terror regimes.

We need to remember that the finest media presenter in Israel today is the brilliant Lucy Aharish, a proud and outspoken Muslim, ready to criticise both Muslim and non Muslim politicians and activists who she sees as out of line, and who was rightly awarded the honour of being invited to light one of the candles on Israel’s national memorial celebrations.

We need also to remember the remarkable and modest heroism of the young Muslim who risked his life to save the lives of so many of the Jewish shoppers at the Hypercacher Supermarket earlier this year.

I think all  British “grassroots” Israel advocacy groups need to think very seriously about the very great reputational damage they risk through any provable online association with far right racist groups like Britain First, EDL and the Jewish Defence League, especially on social media.

The enemy of our enemies is no way our friend if he’s a racist targeting as an entire ethnic or religious group not all of whom are either racists or our enemies.

We need to bear in mind that Honest Jeremy Corbyn,the People’s Money Printer, now has Seumas Milne of the Guardian as his Director of Communications and Strategy. That’s Seumas Milne who as Comment Editor of the Guardian commissioned and published an article celebrating and glorifying Islamist suicide bombing just two weeks before  9/11.

He has as his Deputy Leader Tom Watson, who started up and ran very successful media destruction campaigns against Tony Blair and Leon Brittain.

We should not underestimate their determination to do everything they can to discredit Israel advocacy and present it as backed by far right racist thugs.

“Jewish Human Rights Watch” is a self-appointed group, a tiny group, who represent only themselves. By this stupid and self aggrandising bit of grandstanding, they’ve only done harm to the cause of combating the pro-boycott movements promoted by enemies, not just of freedom, but of honest politics and freedom of speech.


About the Author
Judy Keiner is a London based, retired senior Lecturer in education at the University of Reading and former teacher, school inspector, government education and schools consultant.