These Bandits Defended Themselves!

It was only the other day when an Arab girl sought to stab IDF soldiers to death, fortunately, Baruch Hashem, she wasn’t quick enough and our Magavniks (Border Pollice) neutralised her. Unfortunately for the Arab girl in question, she did not make it. The global media response? Outrage! No global media outlet in the world dared print anything about the stabbings in the recent weeks or in this scenario the attempted stabbing of IDF soldiers, What they did mention is “IDF kills Palestinian girl” or words to that effect.

The outrage is indicative of a severe strain of the Stockholm syndrome. I would like to name the Jurgen Stroop syndrome — the anger or virulent anti-Semitism caused by — Yes, you guessed it, Jews defending themselves.

Lets go back in history to the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising of 1943 in Poland. The embittered Jews of Warsaw, by now aware of the fate in store for them, in the Gas chambers of Auschwitz, Majdanek and Treblinka, decided to rise up in an insurrection not seen in our history since the times of Rabbi Akiva, Bar Kochba and Masada in the Judean desert, where Roman legions stormed the fortress after a lengthy siege – the Jews choosing death at their own hands rather than became victims or slaves of the Romans. In the Warsaw Ghetto, the Nazis, in their racial-hyped dementia, sought to eradicate every last Jewish soul in their domain from the distant Norwegian Fjords to the remote Greek Islands. Not a man, woman or child was spared in their Industrialised death dragnet. Yet in the Warsaw Ghettos, when a similar fate became apparent and the Jews refused to go down without a fight, behold, Jurgen Stroops’ reaction “Die Juden Schiesse!” (The Jews are shooting!) THESE BANDITS DARED TO DEFEND THEMSELVES WITH WEAPONS! A common phrase throughout the world today just worded differently whenever the Israel Defence Forces take it upon themselves to defend the land of Israel and all her people – and not just Jews!

In 1967, the Six Day War broke out after a blockade by an Egyptian naval vessel of the straits of Tiran, together with a buildup of troops by hostile surrounding states sworn to Israel’s annihilation. So, as Egyptian Jets were being prepared on the runways, the IAF launched a pre-emptive strike, flying just metres high above the Sinai dunes destroying all, if not most of the Egyptian, Syrian and Jordanian Airforce on the ground, giving the Israelis air superiority. Paratroopers stormed the Old city of Jerusalem including Ammunition Hill, returning it to our hands after two thousand years of exile. A photo that haunts every Jew, is the one where three IDF Paratroopers stand tearfully before the Kotel, after one of the most sacred battles in Jewish history. Like in Warsaw, they dared defend their families with weapons. Unlike Warsaw, they risked their lives to reunite Jerusalem with Motta Gur’s famous sentence ”HaBeit Hamikdash beyadeinu” (The Temple Mount is in our Hands). This invigorated Israeli forces engaged in fierce tank battles in the Sinai and Golan Heights alike against the Egyptians and Syrians respectively.

Suddenly, emboldened Golani soldiers, seized Mt Hermon returning the Golan heights to our hands.The Global reaction after the tiny Jewish state, threatened on all fronts with impending attack and slaughter, once again echoed Jurgen Stroops’ phrase ”These Jewish bandits defended themselves with weapons”. Oy! The outrage! What Chutzpah! Why didn’t these Jews go nicely to their deaths? France’s De Gaulle utterance, ”The Jews are Elitist”, thereafter swiftly refusing further sales of Mirage fighter jets. The Soviet response ”These Zionist agressors!” and the non stop outcry from the United Nations was overwhelming.

To this day every military operation or even a small act of self-defence, whether a military campaign in Gaza or Lebanon or perhaps an IDF soldier neutralising a knifewielding terrorist about to murder Jews, whether combatants or civilians irrespective, brings the world to a horrified standstill.

All this while children in Somalia starve, factions and in Syria government forces use chemical weapons on civilians, the Russian Airforce flattens Alleppo with no discretion or consideration for civilian lives – the same people who lambast Jewish bandits for defending themselves are the same people who hero-worship either military party involved in Syria be it Russia or Iran or ISIS.

Why the double standards? Even as we speak, they ignore the fact that concentration camps are being set up for homosexuals in Chechnya at this moment (Hitler also put gays in concentration camps!) Oh, the deafening silence!

Yet just let Israel launch a single airstrike on Gaza, Syria or Lebanon, let our forces arrest terrorists in the “disputed” territories which the world would like to see Judenrein and you will have rolling rioting mass demonstrations and civil unrest. Because these Jewish “bandits” defended themselves with weapons.

Well, sorry world. First of all, you wanted Europe Judenrein and we returned home like you suggested and now you are upset that we are living and defending the place you told us to go back to? I would rather be hated and alive than loved and dead even though I personally have no military training whatsoever. Given the chance, this particular “Bandit” will defend himself, perhaps not with weapons but hey, this is the 21st century and the pen is mightier than the sword!

About the Author
Alon Fisher was born in Israel and grew up mostly in South Africa. He has always taken a keen interest in the SA-Israel relationship and the demonisation of Israel evident in so many South African and global institutions. He suffers from Aspergers Syndrome and therefore thinks "out-of-the-box."