‘They Told Me That If I Ever Posted This Article, I Would Die’

Every bloody news reports today are fake news.

That’s what it feels like when Naftali Bennet is accused of “Hadatah,” because of stuff that the previous education ministries have done, while every little evidence of Jewish studies in the Jewish state has to create protests among the Chilonim. Apparently, the most pluralist politician of them all is a religious person, because he actually studies the religion claimed to be a burden on the perfect pluralist SJWs who make up stories about people they don’t like to justify not being a pluralist.

Or when Tommy Robinson gets accused of being an Islamophobic extremist, because someone edited a video where some idiot assaulted him and his wife while he fought back. He’s got suing the useless police as a large part of his resume now, but still, you can’t put rapists in jail, because that’s racist. Instead you go for the scary looking Englishman. You know, the British version of Hollywood’s worst enemy, the business man with a suit and tie who wanted to watch a game of football but was forced to leave the city, because the police hate him.

And of course, the only bloody thing Hollywood comedians come up with is more Trump jokes. But you know, the old formula in the western world is comedy=tragedy+time, and at the end of the day, “Covfefe is good. Covfefe is life.” – Vladimir Pootis, 2017.

You don’t really get anything right from the media, and when someone decides to be honest, you get the same “u racist sexist”, by a racist sexist person, who calls herself or himself a feminist, because you can’t be both a feminist and a bad person. (You can still be a Zionist though). I’d go with “bad person” on this one. I’m still waiting to be shouted at by someone who identifies as a cheesecake and can’t tolerate people who just don’t like cheesecake.

And this newspaper website isn’t much better in this case. I still remember the unjustified assaults on Niv Asaraf.

According to Haaretz, I, as an individual from the national religious sector am more dangerous than Hizballah. Apparently, I just killed Rabin again.

I’m sorry, it’s just that I didn’t want to become a victim of lasting peach. As a result of what the leftist extremists are doing in Israel, I killed Rabin who made a peach agreement with terrorists and gave them weapons, for lasting peach.

It’s not that complicated you know. I was close enough to the crime scene to be accused of murder. It was only 4 years before I was born, anything could have happened. (Get over it, it’s been frikin 22 years of your crocodile tears).

There’s also the weird but true saying of “When Haaretz says that something is wrong, it means that what we’re trying to do is working”.

In a personally interesting case, complaints about the Tel Aviv premetro instead more motorways mean that we should continue building more stuff like this. It’s a better way off than having more traffic jams in medinat Tel Aviv.

When it comes to the media, I made a relatively new decision of not believing a word they say. There have been to many dishonesty cases in the media to give. They manufacture propaganda, like junk food is manufactured in a toy factory, designed for toys, but used for food.

I’m just happy that as long as we’re not in Europe, I won’t become a fugitive for saying stuff that doesn’t fit in the agenda of those who don’t like what I say, or for that matter, don’t like me for who I am.

About the Author
Yishai was born in Jerusalem and lived in Sydney until he returned to Israel in 2006 and now lives in Modiin. Most of the articles written here are about Judaism from a practical view and about general things from politic to life as an Autistic boy.