This blog ends with a four-letter-word …

hopeLiving with sadness, shock and grief is not easy, but not only did I survive, my children did too. It took a great deal of time and heartache, but we learned to move on to overcome adversity. I even learned to dream a little. I was sure I’d win the next lottery. I dream that cyclamens will bloom again in our lawn the way they did last year. I dreamed that my 8-year-old car would pass the licensing test again this year – and it did. More than anything, I dreamed that my family would remain healthy. I also dream of a world without illness and senseless violence.

The four-letter-word I mentioned in this blog title is H O P E.

No one can live without HOPE.





About the Author
Jill volunteers for ENOSH, the Israel Mental Health Association and received a prestigious award in the Knesset for this work in Jan. 2012. She has written books, been included in two Anthologies, one in Israel in Hebrew and one in Canada, and has had articles published in the USA,England and Canada.