This hypocrisy has a name

Isn’t it ridiculous how so many white students who occupy college campuses on occupied Native American lands yell at Jews for being occupiers in their ancestral homeland?

Isn’t it complete lunacy that so many white people accuse Israelis (most of whom are not white) of being white colonizers?

Isn’t it amazing how so many of those who claim to be for a ceasefire go to protests where they chant “we are all Hamas”, or, as they did at the encampment at my alma mater, “Al-Qassam, make us proud, take another [Israeli] soldier down”?

Isn’t it just swell how so many of the same people who want to tear down all walls and barriers have very strict guidelines on who can and can’t enter their protests/encampments (e.g., the vast majority of Jews)?

Isn’t it strange that so many of the same folks who constantly talk about the displacement of Palestinians in 1948 never mention the forced ethnic cleansing of hundreds of thousands of Jews from Arab lands?

Isn’t it astounding that the same people who call any information coming out of Israel “Zionist propaganda” are happy to take all the information and numbers coming from terror groups like Hamas at face value, despite the fact that there have been independent analyses showing them to be false?

Isn’t it absolute chutzpah that so many of those who accuse Israel of ethnic cleansing and genocide have no problem chanting “From the River to the Sea” and “We Don’t Want No ’48, We Want All Of It”, implying that they would be perfectly ok with ethnic cleansing or genocide of Israelis?

Isn’t it bewildering that the same poeple who accuse Israel of genocide ignore the facts that the number of Palestinians in Gaza has grown many-fold over the past few decades, while the world Jewish population is still lower than it was before the Holocaust?

Isn’t it extraordinary that many of those accusing Israel of being a racist, apartheid ethnostate despite its clear respect for minorities have no problem whatsoever with many actual ethnostates in the Middle East where minorities have no rights?

Isn’t it remarkable that many of the same people who are so opposed to discriminatory treatment of different groups in the justice system are so vocal about imposing enormous punitive measures against Israel while rejecting anything of the sort against actual genocide perpetrators and state sponsors of terror responsible for killing hundreds of thousands?

Isn’t it fascinating how many of the same people who are so (legitimately) concerned about being respectful with their language to all minorities couldn’t care less about hurting the feelings of Jews?

Isn’t it astonishing that so many of the same folks who allow every minority group to determine what is and isn’t discriminatory and hateful towards them – and ignore the fringes of these groups – are quite comfortable with telling Jews what is and isn’t antisemitic by incessantly quoting fringe Jewish groups like Jewish Voice for Peace (which, technically, are neither Jewish nor for peace?)

Isn’t it mind-boggling how many of the same people who strive to move away from seeing world in binaries when it comes to, say, gender, are only able to see it through the binary lens of oppressor/oppressed (where Israel and Jews are necessarily viewed as the oppressor)?

This list outlining the hypocrisy of these people is presented in no particular order and goes on and on and on.

And this hypocrisy has a name.

It is antisemitism.

About the Author
Eugene Brusilovskiy is a researcher and data scientist based in Philadelphia, PA, with a passion for Israel and Jewish life.
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