Ran Bar Yoshafat

This is why we have terror attacks

I am often surprised when I hear the incorrect explanations for terror attacks in Israel. I feel like I have heard it all. One student told me the terror attacks are due to Jewish provocation on the Temple Mount. Another claimed they were occurring because of settlement expansion in Judea and Samaria. I have even heard that the terror attacks were a result of the hot weather or religious Muslim holidays.

Using one of these four justifications does injustice to the victims and turns the terrorist into an idiot who acts on irrelevant considerations. It cheapens the lives of the victims and gives approval to terror and violence.

In my spare time, for over 60 months, I have been reading Shin Bet reports about terror attacks in Israel. Over the course of this time, there has been, on average, three to five attempts each day to murder Jews. In the month of June, for example, a particularly “slow” month, there were 94 attempted terror attacks. This number does not include stone throwing and lynch attempts.

None of these events have anything to do with actions taken by the victims, the policies of Israel or the weather. We suffer from terror attacks for other reasons, hatred of Jews being a strong one. Many people who live under the terrorist regime of Hamas or the dictatorship of the Palestinian Authority have been indoctrinated to believe Jews are the offspring of monkeys and pigs, and that it is morally just to murder Jews in the name of religion. Others believe that in order to achieve nationalistic aspirations they need to hurt as many Jews as possible.20246416_1592286570793653_700399981810189434_n

Perhaps another crucial reason for these acts of terror is the fact that under the Palestinian Authority terrorism has become an industry, and a very profitable one. Under the PA, anyone who murders a Jew and goes to jail receives more money than a teacher does. Whoever murders a Jew and dies in action receives a town square or a soccer team dedicated in their name and money sent to their family.

The equation is this: The more Jews you kill, the more money you will make.

This year the Palestinian Authority spent 153 million dollars on payments to terrorists.

This is why we have terror attacks.

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Attorney Ran Bar-Yoshafat is an author, international speak, PhD candidate in American Jewish History.
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