This NEW Year, Try a NEW Update, and Maybe You Will Find Your Bashert!

Many singles who are marriage-minded, honest, and sincere in their pursuit of their soul mate, can feel that the year past has been one where they have tried everything, but found nothing.

At Rosh Hashana, just as one takes a step back to evaluate one’s accomplishments, one’s midot, one’s relationship with G-d and one’s fellow man, one should also take a necessary back-step to evaluate one’s dating habits.

With nearly 2.500 married and more than 4 weddings a week on, the most successful Jewish dating for marriage website, it is always inspiring to read the stories of those who have become engaged or married.

Just how did it happen, the twists and turns, the circumstances at play?

The truth is that in so many of these successful marriage stories, there is often a very familiar scenario.

That is – members had been active registrants for some time, but their profile had become static, their dating actions, very predictable, almost monotonous dating patterns.

That was until they made a change.

Sometimes very significant, often subtle, but something NEW nevertheless.

For some it was updating their profile – providing a more thoughtful, more insightful context to themselves. For many others it was updating to a more recent (and complementary) picture of themselves or posting additional pictures – thus providing literally and figuratively a better picture of who they were. In both examples – selling themselves better. For still others, it was a new approach in their searches – being less rigid in their search criteria.

But whatever the action, in each case that NEW action and or NEW approach, precipitated a profoundly NEW reaction and result!

A new reaction to a communication sent to another member, a new approach to a message received.

Take for instance the JWed story of Chava and Shaul.

Shaul had initiated earlier contact to Chava but had received no response.

A short while later he modified his profile, updated his photo….and the rest is history..

“We have been married almost four months now.. and not a day goes by when we don’t thank Hashem for finally bringing our Neshamas together. The connection we experience… the connections of our “selves”, our souls, our lives seems seamless. We often time ask… “Is this real?”

It’s amazing to think how relatively small changes can yield such profoundly NEW results!

Go ahead, try it.

But be warned, there could be life-changing consequences!

Wishing all a Gmar Chatimah Tova!


About the Author's Derek Saker, is an internationalist having lived and worked in South Africa, England, the U.S. and Israel. Most importantly he speaks fluent Afrikaans. Now living in Israel, he commutes back and forth to New York thanks to the discounted cost of Turkish Airlines. He was Co-Founder and Marketing Director at Frumster/JWed the most successful Jewish dating for marriage service. Since 2007 he has been Director of Communications at OHEL Children's Home and Family Services - the largest social service agency that serves the Jewish community and beyond. Newly returned at JWed, at least part-time, Derek hopes to bring to light the secrets of success to online dating.