Thoughts about Anti-Semitism and the Holocaust April 28, 2014

The Holocaust was a genetic terrorism. To justify their murderous agenda the Nazis convinced the German nation that Jews are not human being, they are subhuman, like cockroaches and when you kill them you cleansed your home from bugs’ infestation.

Same with the Arabs; they portray Israelis as pigs and apes, as subhuman, not worth keeping alive, especially when the Moslems see pigs as loathed animal.

In WWII, Jews’ only crime was their existence. Israel’s only crime is its existence, so many would be celebrating its annulment.

How can the world go on like nothing happened after 1.5 million Jewish children were brutally murdered? It cannot, it must pay for its crimes!
The Nazis went to work and their work was to kill Jews and others, in a systematic way no one but the devil could invent and implement. A Nazi killer comes home at the end of work day, takes a shower, plays with his dog and child, listens to music, sits to dinner with his wife and complains that the food is rather flavorless. He sleeps well all night long and in the morning, he shaves, puts on his uniform, and says goodbye to his children and then goodbye to his wife: “I am going to work honey!” WORK!? The Nazis called work their systematic killing of 11 million innocent people, among them 6 million Jews, who had nothing to do with the war. All they were guilty of is their existence.

Ghetto Child from the master book Humanity, NOT
Ghetto Child from the master book Humanity, NOT

What so huge in the master book “Humanity, NOT” is the NOT, which is the HOLOCAUST!

About the emotions of the Holocaust - Humanity, NOT
About the emotions of the Holocaust – Humanity, NOT
11 year old on the master book Humanity, NOT
11 year old on the master book Humanity, NOT

Anti-Semitism is hate of Jews; hate is a disease, a disease of the spirit. When people show they are anti-Semitic, tell them, I wish you well, I wish you recover soon from your disease! Unfortunately to way too many anti-Semitism is incurable disease.

About the Author
Nurit is an advocate for Jews, Israel, the United States and the Free World in general and sees Israel and the United States, equally, as the last two forts of true democratic freedom. Since 2006, she has been writing about events in these two countries. From Southern California, Nurit believes that if you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.