Thoughts on Pamela Geller

The British government has refused to allow Pamela Geller into the country, for the ostensible reason that she represents a danger to the public peace.

Pamela Geller is the Jewish-American spokeswoman for the anti-Muslim movement. Without going into a long detailed discussion, let me say that she makes statements such as “Ayn Rand is the greatest philosopher in human history.”

Whatever else Ayn Rand might have been, “great philosopher” hardly comes to mind. To me she’s never been anything but a nutty libertarian ideologue.

Geller was an outspoken critic of the Lower Manhattan mosque and has been tarred as a bigot for her anti Islamic remarks, but nothing that I have been able to find bears that out. Though some of her reasoning is strident and ridiculous, leaning heavily towards conspiracy theories of one sort or another, she is mainly an opponent of Islamic extremism, but that distinction is rarely noted by her critics on the left – myriads of them. They always call her anti-Muslim, which she is not.

In other words, the resistance to Geller is based on a lot of lies, pretty much like the left’s resistance to Zionism. Without the lies, they have no case, notwithstanding that Geller, just like her counterparts on the extreme left, sometimes deals in extreme ideological idiocies. But even a broken clock is right twice a day.

She was behind the placards on NYC transit that called for resistance to Jihad, but they are always characterized as an insult to Islam. How does that chemical change come about? The words are as clear as day, and the placards even contain Jihadist quotes from the Prophet hisself. I’m inclined to think that 1984 is closer than we thought and it isn’t at all what those on the left imagine; they are the propounders of Newspeak, not its opponents. The emperor has no clothes and those who point it out are punished.

What troubles me the most is that Jewish organizations join in the lies. If they wish to condemn her, and there may be good enough reasons to do so, at least deal with the truth and the facts.  Basing it on lies is just cowardly. Is Antisemitism so clearly around the US corner that the Jews have to be careful what they say?

I don’t think so and their refusal to be honest is nothing but a shonda. Most Americans have little use for extreme Islam so why should the Jews, their victim of choice, be any less vocal.

She accuses the left of being fascist and power-hungry, a charge given far more intellectual weight by Benjamin Kerstein, the Israeli-American author and journalist best known as the main intellectual voice of the anti-Chomsky movement. I have long ago come to the same conclusion; the left’s vision is eminently totalitarian – my way or the highway – but they truly believe, as so many other failed horror show artists did, that their “way” is the panacea for all the world’s ills.

One of the main traits of the totalitarians is their absolute inability to ever admit to mistakes or flawed thinking, so, no matter how grave the situation in England, the left will never admit it, and will even blame itself for Muslim unrest. Along with the extremist bigots, of course – you know, the ones that keep harping on the dangers of Islamicization and tell the truth  about parts of Islam.

To ban Geller for the hateful lies told about her, is just an ad hominem on the part of the British government, and another indication that Britain is in for a rough time of it. Their real reason is that she could be a flashpoint for the Arab mobs teetering on the edge of insurrection in England. To admit that, however, would be to admit that the British – the European – experiment with “multiculturalism” has been an abject failure leaving them trembling in their boots lest they do anything at all to offend the Muslims, including  particularly, the exercise of free speech.

At the same time, they just allowed into the country a Muslim cleric famous for the extreme depths of his anti-infidel and Antisemitic hate speech. I guess he isn’t a “flashpoint” at all.

My final thought is that there couldn’t be a better fate for the nation whose abject mistakes, in its desire to retain real power in the world, caused all this brouhaha in the first place. The pigeons have truly come home to roost – and England had better watch out.

The same goes for all the rest of Western Europe.

It’s their karma in spades.

If they thought the Nazis were bad, hoo hah.


About the Author
Ted Druch was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and has engaged in a number of questionable activities beginning with a year-and-a-half long stint at the Timothy Leary commune in Millbrook, NY in the late 60s; Eschewing academia, which he found boring and stultifying, populated as it was by academics and intellectuals, he began a life as an itinerant handyman and ended up as a world traveler and raconteur; His novel, King David's Harp, is due out as soon as he can find a publisher. A series of detective novels featuring Joe Gold, a Jewish Sam Spade type will be released shortly.