Three colors Facebook Picture

I won’t change my picture to the French Flag colors as others do!

It is not because the French people did not change their pages to the Israeli colors when attacks were savagely executed on Israeli’s or Jews. It is not because at the world leaders rally, only January this year, French leadership (minus USA, which did not bother to attend at any level) after the massacre at Charlie Hebdo and the ensuing massacre of Jews in Paris, tried to cloak the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu presence in the leader’s demonstrations.

Nor is it not due to the obvious disrespect this same leadership showed when they walked off just before Netanyahu’s made his marvelous speech in the Paris synagogue.

I will not change it since the real story is not some impassioned feel good gesture intended to symbolize pain and shared emotion of grieve and pain full of virtuous intentions but rather quite different. It should be that the Israeli flag should be displayed alongside the French flag – that is the real answer. This is the most important message that the French people need to internalize – that there is one destiny to the three-color flag and the Star of David’s flag in this fight.

We, Israelis, are not congregated under the French Flag, we march with them and for many years before and ahead of them. Our flag, the Star of David’s shield flag, is attracting the wrath of those who wish ill to the Western culture for many years. This is the reason that I will not change my Facebook pictures to the three colors French Flag. If you know how to show both flags simultaneously – then call me up. I am willing to reconsider.

About the Author
A graduate of Columbia Business School's M.B.A program in New York and a B.A from Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan, Israel, with a major in Economics and Business. He has been working as a business consultant since 1998.