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the teddy bear Rabbi

Three wonder women at Washington school who make a difference

Our newest mascot

Three wonderful women teachers who help me with the teddy bear collections at Washington School in Bergenfield. We have been collecting together for the past 7 years. Our first collection was a bit under 80. This past year, we reached a goal of a bit over 400 collected.

One teacher, Ms. Donna Cifarelli, donates her own and her nieces’ stuffed toys.
A reading specialist, Ms. Kerri Klein organized 100/100 with me. We collect 100 toys on the 100th day of school.
During Ms. Deirdre Kessler’s part time, (basic skills teacher), she runs her daughter’s Norwood girl scout group. They hold a mother and daughter’s high tea. Entrance fee is the donation to us of a favored teddy bear.

Between these three women’s efforts, we have collected hundreds of toys for children in need of bear hugs.

We value such caring and kindness.
Join our efforts. We welcome your assistance.
Happy Chanukah and Merry Christmas to our friends who celebrate.
Rabbi Claire Ginsburg Goldstein
Bears from Bergenfield
Almost at 200,000!
All pictures were taken by me and approved by these women.
About the Author
Rabbi Claire conceived of the concept Bears from Bergenfield upon a routine check of the Israeli staff at camp SLC August of 2001. She realized that the world needed to wake up and become aware of the suffering the Israelis were enduring as the Palestinians continued their intifada against them. After 18 years and 195,000 teddy bears amassed and redistributed, Rabbi Claire is searching for more public platforms to proliferate and advance her message, that Jewish lives matter, especially with a teddy bear. Rabbi Claire lives in Bergen County with her husband of 38 years, Larry, and their 4 children, Sam, Shira, Seth, and Sarah Rose, plus their incoming son-in-law Ivan. For further information of how to get involved with this endearing project, contact her at
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