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Tikkun Olam

Today, my heart is aching. So should everyone’s on this beautiful planet.

What is happening? Why are we so powerless.

The Amazon forest, the lungs of the earth, has been burning for 15 days. The tribal people’s, keepers of the forest, are running scared. The media only started waking up today.

Can we help? How can we help?

Dear Israel, we have to do something. We have the largest Vegan community per capita in the world. We need to do more.

Today is the first day I see anything on mainstream news.

What can we do?

Dark forces are at play. We need to bring the light. 





About the Author
Maiyan studied art at Ruth Prowse in Cape Town and anthropology, linguistics and Hebrew at University of South Africa. Made aliya. Trained in mosaic restoration in Israel. Joint owner of Mystica Art and Design with husband (Ceramic Design at Betsalel). Ceramic design, mosaic art, painting, public and private art commissions. Initiated and collaborated with art projects in South Africa, Israel, Fiji, Mauritius. Writer of short stories about surreal experiences and Jewish identity.
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