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Tikkun Pacov; Jewish WWII Hideouts; Antisemitism Now

The above podcast episode “Holocaust Remembrance Around the World: Czech Republic” is sponsored by the Emil A. and Jenny Fish Center for Holocaust & Genocide Studies at Yeshiva University.

In this episode podcast producer and moderator Lois Roman speaks with artist Karen Koblitz, founder of Tikkun Pacov. Lois, whom I had the pleasure of meeting in June at the conference of the Association of Holocaust Organizations, is a trustee of the Memorial Scrolls Trust in London.

The monthly YouTube podcast “Holocaust Remembrance Around the World” has the mission statement: “…[W]e tour the globe to meet and highlight those who promise to Never Forget, wherever they are in the world.”

Listen to the above 32-minute podcast to learn about the Tikkun Pacov project:

Tikkun Pacov Synagogue Association was established as an apolitical, non-profit, non-governmental organisation (registered charity) in April 2017, with the objective of striving to keep alive the Jewish history and cultural heritage in the Pacov area. Pacov is located 80 kilometres (50 miles) south-east of Prague, with a population of 5,000.

The name Tikkun (Hebrew for repair) implies not only physical repairs to Pacov Synagogue, but also revival of the memory of the lost Jewish community and renewal of their place in history, lest they be forgot.

Exhibit on Jewish hideouts during the Holocaust:

The Taube Center for Jewish Life and Learning presented this talk on YouTube:

Resilient Spaces: An Exhibition on Jewish Hideouts During the Holocaust

Dr. Natalie Romik and Professor François Guesnet discussed “in-depth investigations into the legacy of spaces that served as hideouts for Jews during the German occupation.” The work is currently being presented at the National Zacheta Gallery in Warsaw. During this talk they also explored the historical context and the narrative that each shelter conveys and how these serve historical sites and memorials.

The mission statement of the Taube Center for Jewish Life & Learning is: “… [D]edicated to enriching Jewish life in Poland and to connecting Jews from around the world with their East European heritage.” Check out the Taube Center YouTube channel.

Creative Community for Peace report on “How the Entertainment and Sports Industries Can Address the Growing Threat of Antisemitism”:

… [T]his report documents the extent of the entertainment industry’s glaring antisemitism problem. The report highlights high-profile public incidents of antisemitism in media — celebrities and athletes sharing conspiracy theories, bigoted Jewish portrayals in media, and rampant antisemitic hate-speech across entertainment digital streaming platforms.

These incidents have reached millions of people, and have normalized and desensitized the public to antisemitic tropes. This is the first time an organization has produced a report explicitly documenting this growing problem across the entertainment industry and provided actionable steps to take for education.

Read the report now.

For help implementing the recommendations outlined in the report, contact or email at

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