Tim Willcox-Exposing the true feelings of the media?

The now infamous Tim Willcox interview has unwittingly exposed what many in the mainstream media believe. To remind everyone what happened: in interviewing a Jewish woman at a solidarity rally in Paris, a few days after the attacks there, when she stated her very legitimate fear as a Jewess living in France, Willcox interrupted her and said:

“Many critics of Israel’s policy would suggest that the Palestinians suffer hugely at Jewish hands as well.”

It cannot be emphasised enough that Willcox specifically said “Jewish” rather than “Israeli,” thus effectively holding French Jewry responsible for the actions of Israel. This Freudian slip basically encapsulates, in one line, all the classic arguments that anti-Semites have brought against Jews throughout the ages:

1. Jews are responsible for the actions of anti-Semites. If Jews are targeted for attack and are the subject of anti-Semitic vitriol, then they are to blame for this. Now that Israel is around, Israeli actions are the reason for all anti-Semitism in the world. Before Israel was around, Jews were responsible for anti-Semitism because they were so different and kept separate from the general populace etc.

2. Violence against Jews is understandable. While killing civilians in any other country is rightly condemned as terrorism, when Jews are killed it is different, as their killers/attackers are “fighting for a cause.”

3. Jews in one part of the world are responsible for the actions of Jews anywhere else in the world. That means French Jews are responsible for the actions of other Jews in the Middle-East, and must expect to be targeted. Off course this logic does not apply to any other nationality. No one would think of blaming a French speaking resident of Mauritius, for example, for the foreign policy actions of the French Government in Central Africa, just because that particular resident’s parents originally came from France, would they?

Willcox’s “little slip” has brought out into the open what is unfortunately thought by many in the mainstream media. The rest just possibly hide it better. Maybe this faux pas is to be welcomed, as it might open up for debate a topic which for too long has been taboo and which now needs to be aired? That topic is, off course, the blatant bias of the media against Israel, and now, it seems, Jews as well…

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