Time for Change

It is traditional for one to use the time between Yom Kippur and Sukkot as a time of reflection.  It is a time for contemplating the sins atoned for, and hoping towards a New Year, bereft of such sins.  I find this one of the hardest times of the year.  It is a time of limbo…where we can suddenly move forward, full-speed ahead. Or, we can lapse into the mundane life of banality of the past year.

The Misrad Hahinuch (Israel Board of Education) declared that children must go to school during this period of time this year. Usually, children have off from the Yom Kippur holiday, through Sukkot. But, alas, the children are now in school…giving us a bit more time for reflection and introspection.

I keep wondering…what can I do to make this year better for me, for my family, for the country, and for the world? I guess it is best that I start with myself…improving all of the little things that I need to work on. But, it needs to be more global, as well.  I think it is time for all of us to chose something of value, which is close to our hearts, and actually DO IT.  It must be something that affects others in a way that is outside of our own comfort zones.  If we each take the time to choose a particular mitzvah (good deed), then perhaps we have all collectively made this world a bit of a better place for us all to inhabit.

There was once a local business in our area called “Time for Change.” It was a cash exchanging place that exchanged dollars for shekels, Euros for shekels, etc.  The moniker was brilliant.  Whenever I passed by the business, I wondered to myself “What can I change today? What midah (internal characteristic) can I work on today?”  Eventually the business changed their name. But, the message still remains with me.  We ALWAYS have time to change.  We just have to make the time to do it.

Patience is the key.  And so, I am here making new choices during this “gesher” (bridge of days between the Yom Kippur and Sukkot holiday). And, I hope others are doing the same…patiently making the new destiny of a time for change.

About the Author
Ariel Blacher, MSW, has been an educator in the Israeli school system. She is currently a writer working in the Hi-Tech industry. Her recent book, Gila Makes Aliyah, was published by Koren Publishers in 2018.