Yadin Kaufmann

Time for dialogue?

I was asked to sign a petition calling for dialogue with the government about its proposed legal reforms.

As one who is naturally inclined towards discussion and negotiation, it’s difficult for me not to favor dialogue now. It pains me to say I don’t think this is the time and place for negotiation. Those who are pushing these legislative changes are not coming with clean hands.

If it’s reform they’re after – perhaps they could start with reforming the executive branch.  Why do we have a prime minister who is facing 3 indictments? Why did we have – until Bagatz thankfully stepped in — a Minister of Interior and Health who has served time in jail, and who recently was convicted again, for financial crimes?

Or perhaps they could start with the legislative branch.  Many (most?) Israelis would agree that the level and nature of the discourse in the Knesset – and the quality of some of its members – are an embarrassment to our country.

Is this really the best Israel can do?

Of the 3 branches, the judicial system seems to be working far better than the others.  It has brought justice for our citizens and honor to the country.  If it’s judicial reform they’re after – why not tackle the problems that really affect people, such as the delays in judicial decisions, by adding judges, for example?

So no, I don’t think the response to the government’s one-sided and bad-faith initiatives is a call for dialogue.  I think the correct response is to oppose these measures by every legitimate means.  Once the government shelves them, give me a call.  I’ll be happy to talk.

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Yadin Kaufmann is an Israeli venture capitalist and social entrepreneur.
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