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Time To Come Home

If you don't know what this is - we have a real problem (Twiiter)

I have just received an e-mail:
You’re invited: CAMERA National Gala June 4

It went on to say: Please join CAMERA in celebrating Israel’s 75th anniversary!
The When looked good, I was about to accept when I noticed the Where:
Pier Sixty at Chelsea Piers, New York City.

Yes, 75 years after Israel gained its independence as a home for the Jewish people, there are still many Jews who have not got the message. Why would any self-respecting Jew want to live in exile among a people that often show their dislike, if not contempt, for them.

And why would any American Jew feel a need to celebrate Israel’s anniversary. Clearly, we Israelis want to celebrate our continued existence, in spite of many attempts to drive us out of our homeland. But an American living in America, who happens to be Jewish, has already shown how important Israel is to them.

A long time ago, life in Israel was hard, amenities few. No shortage of dangers ranging from mosquito-ridden swamps to very unfriendly neighbors. But today we have everything we could possibly want (except, of course, peace with the Palestinians).

Our swamps have long-since been drained. If you want some really unpleasant mosquitoes, try Florida. Mosquitoes are one of the most troublesome insects in Florida and carry serious diseases.

Let us hope that the CAMERA Gala will be poorly attended. The Panasonic 10,000 lumen laser projectors and the Chauvet professional “Rogue” LED intelligent moving head lighting fixtures showing an empty auditorium.

Where is everybody, you may ask. Made Aliyah – joined their fellow countrymen in Israel.

On a personal note, I will be celebrating not on June 4 but on June 6. It is my wedding anniversary.

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