Time to drop cynicism and dream again

The time has come to face what I see as the biggest danger of our time. This danger will damage our nation more than many other issues.

 No it isn’t the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and it isn’t even the secular- religious divide.  It is something much deeper which permeates into all areas of our lives.

 Cynicism : a definition

 An attitude of scornful or jaded negativity, especially a general distrust of the integrity or professed motives of others”

 Cynicism is an easy way to not deal with difficulties and issues.  To provide a very personal example, instead of admitting and embracing the issues I have with women in Orthodox Judaism, I used to be cynical with my negative attitude to rituals which led to the next stage which was apathy and ridicule.

 Last year I changed my attitude. I have embraced the challenges of trying to live a fulfilled religious life as a woman. It is not always easy, but it is so much more rewarding and positive without the cynicism.  Now I can begin to deal with hard questions truthfully, as opposed to my cynicism which was an escape route from finding the truth.

 Living life without cynicism is actually very refreshing.  I feel more alive than ever before.  I have allowed myself to dream again and believe in the ability we all have to make this country and the world a better place.

 People may call me naive that I think we can make a difference, but I do not care what others think.

 In the past year I have met many Israelis in the media. All have asked me why I came to live here inIsrael.  Many cannot fathom why I would leave London to start my family here.

 With pride I answer “Because of Zionism.  I came to make a difference to our nations present and future.”

 It is election time. Cynicism is at its height.

 It’s time to stop being cynical, allow ourselves to aim for the best and to fulfill our dreams. If we do not try, it for sure will not happen.

 I, for one, will try to make sure that things change for the better this time around.

 Let us not look for the differences amongst us, but what we share. Many will try to emphasize our differences and feed us with issues we can disagree on.  Do not let them win.  Power comes with unity and shared goals.

 I invite you all, to dream again.  Dream big and let’s bring about the changes here.

 We have a beautiful, amazing country.  Let’s make it even better!

About the Author
Alisa Coleman has a Speech Sciences (Hon) degree from University College London .Alisa became a leading activist to combat extremism in Bet Shemesh .