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Time To Get Fired Up!

Watching the news around the world can really bring anyone down right now.
Now more than ever we need to focus on being happy. Having gratitude for all the wonderful things in our lives will lead you to live a much happier life, even in times like now.

Here are 2 keys to make you happy:

1. Focus your thoughts on your blessings. Think about what you do have, not about what you don’t have. If you are reading this, it means that you have at least one eye. And if you’re really blessed, you have two eyes! That is like winning the lottery! Imagine that you have been blind your whole life and then suddenly there is a new procedure to give you the ability to see for the first time. How happy would you be? That’s the feeling you need to have.

2. Bring happiness to someone else. There is nothing more fulfilling than when you can make someone else happy through deeds or actions. Indulging yourself will make you temporarily and superficially fulfilled but that feeling won’t last. But when you do something for someone else, you will feel deeply fulfilled with a sense of well-being. The feeling of bringing happiness to someone else never goes away.

We have to realize how good we really have it. Thank G-d that most of us have beds, heating and air condition, access to up to the minute information, instant communication with our family and friends, and we don’t have to worry about food! Even with this plague going around, the trees won’t stop producing fruit, the plants won’t stop growing vegetables, and the flowers will keep blooming. The sun is going to rise and you’re still going to be in it.

Life is amazing and if you’re still here, G-d wants you to enjoy all the pleasures he made in this world because you are awesome! We will get through this much easier if we just focus on having gratitude. Focus your thoughts on all your blessings and bring your happiness to someone else.

It’s time to live life with the fire and passion that the Almighty wants us to have and to live FIRED UP!

About the Author
Daniel Ratner teaches weekly in the Essentials program at Aish Hatorah in the Old City of Jerusalem. His inspires people of all backgrounds on personal growth, relationships, and character building. He is highly entertaining and leaves his students wanting more. Daniel lives in Jerusalem with his wife, 5 children and a labradoodle.
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