Time to Give It Up

There is a time when we all have to face reality square in the face no matter how ugly the image in the mirror appears.  Now most of you know that I am a staunch opponent of any so-called “2 State Solution” which I have often written on as a politically correct interpretation of the infamous “Final Solution.” It is merely a shield behind which our enemies have been planning and executing their policy of carving Israel into smaller and smaller slices, like a salami, in order to render us into a state of total vulnerability whereby they can finally exterminate our people and destroy our country,

I know that there are many on the opposite side of this debate who contend that by making further concessions that we will eliminate their plans for our destruction and that they will, someday, learn to love us. Fantasy is not a distinctly Israeli obsession-it dwells in the obscure and ignorant minds of many world leaders and international bodies.

However, and quite surprisingly, I am going to delve into something deeper within this issue. The plight of the “Palestinians” is, quite frankly, of their own making and and it is leading then into certain disaster. What else can you say about a people, who like the Nazis at the end of World War Two, during the final battles of the dying Third Reich, was sending its children into battle to be slaughtered. Today, the PA (I will use this throughout the article as the abbreviation of the “Palestinian Authority”) is inculcating into the youth , just as did the Hitler Youth, that it is glorious to perish for the “fatherland” and that the enemy is not a human being (the Nazis called the Red Army “subhuman” just as the PA identifies Jews as the “offspring of apes and pigs”) and sending them to die in the attempt to kill as many Israelis as possible.

No, I am not going into the debate about “Occupied Territories,” “Disputed Territories” or “Liberated Territories,”. Oddly enough these terms are really irrelevant when dealing with the core issue of the present dilemma-the failed policies of the Palestinian leadership for almost a century.

Less than a quarter century after the beginning of the British Mandate for Palestine, Arabs rioted against Jewish immigration, raided Jewish settlements and gleefully declared over and over again “Filastin bladna, Yehud klabna”-“Palestine is ours and the Jews are our dogs,” while waving scimitars in the sir over their heads at, of all places ( surprise, surprise) the Damascus Gate. Screaming “Itbach il Yahud”-“”Slaughter the Jews,” Arabs stormed into the ancient Jewish communities in Hevron, Tverya, Zefat and the Old City of Jerusalem in 1929 and dismembered young Jews, raped Jewish women and bayoneted old folks in their beds. 1929, almost two decades before there even was a State of Israel. What were they trying to liberate then?

Okay, so the British sought to placate the Arabs by convening conferences in London in 1933 and 1937 where the British government brought forth plans to partition the remaining 23% of the mandated territory (after 77% had been illegally lopped off of the land promised the Jewish people by none other than Winston Churchill as a gift to Abdullah the Hashemite to create “:Trans-Jordan.”) among the Jews and the Arabs. The leadership of the Palestinians, the Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin el-Husseini, and his Higher Arab Committee, even when they refused to sit in the same room with the Jewish delegation, turned down all partition plans absolutely. They would not agree to even one centimeter of land to the Jews.

Now, let’s jump forward to 1947. The UNSCOP-United Nations Special Committee on Palestine-after its exhaustive study of the problem, after interviewing hundreds of witnesses, British, Arab, Jewish, and spending time in the mandate itself, prepared a proposal to divide the land into two states. Even willing to surrender sovereignty over Jerusalem, the loss of the Western Galilee and the ancient Jewish towns of Hebron, Bethlehem and much of the biblical lands of Judea and Samaria, the Jews accepted the plan. Once again, the Palestinian Arabs refused to even participate in the deliberations  at the UN-their representative at the UN in 1947 was Jamal el-Husseini, a cousin of the mufti, and he, along with the delegations of the Arab states, vociferously  debated and argued over the partition plan. However, the General Assembly approved the recommendation of UNSCOP on Nov. 27, 1947. On November 28th, the very next day, Arab rioters launched a riot in the old city of Jerusalem and all over the mandate killing Jews.

The Arab states vowed to crush the newborn State of Israel and invade it on the very day of its birth. Palestinian Arabs attacked Jewish settlements, blocked the road to Jerusalem in an attempt to starve the population, and hundreds of thousands of Arabs fled the war zones at the behest of their leadership-many of whom fled beforehand to Egypt, Syria and Lebanon taking their wealth with them (rats leaving a sinking ship?). Yes, there were cases where Israeli forces did expel Arab populations when those Arabs actively aided the invading armies or created a fifth column of saboteurs behind the Israeli lines. Israel need not make any excuses for this behavior as those Arabs who remained silent, those Arab communities that did not partake in the war, and those, like the Druse, that sided with the new state, were never in danger of being expelled. The estimates of the number of Palestinians who fled go anywhere from 300,000-700,000-an accurate count is impossible as many of those who ended up in the “refugee camps” were not even native to the land in the first place. Besides, I contend that even those who fled, let us say, from an area of fighting in the Galilee who migrated to Jenin or Hebron, aren’t really refugees anyway as they have never left geo-politically incorrectly labelled “Palestine.”

We’ll get to that. The end of Israel’s War of Independence in 1949 finds Egypt occupying all of the Gaza Strip and the Hashemite Kingdom in control of all of what will be called the “West Bank” including the old city of Jerusalem and all of what is called Arab East Jerusalem today. The mufti of Jerusalem enters Gaza and declares the provisional government of Palestine-the Egyptians promptly send their military into the territory and he, again, and true to form, flees to Lebanon. So for 19 years, from 1948-1967, the Gaza Strip, without a single Jew anywhere, is administered from Cairo.

The “West Bank” of the Jordan River, where all the Jewish settlements that existed prior to the war have been ethnically cleansed-the populations of which were either massacred or evicted at gunpoint as in Jerusalem’s Jewish Quarter, is under the tutelage of the Hashemite King in Ammann.  He has himself declared “King of Jerusalem’ yet he does not move his capital there-he REMAINS in Ammann. In 1950, he annexes the land to his kingdom, is rebuked by the UN, condemned by the ARAB LEAGUE and this seizure of the territory is only recognized by Pakistan, and Jordan’s imperial protector, Great Britain.

So, the lands that the PA wants, it says, for its own state, were in Arab hands for 19 years-why didn’t their fellow Arabs give them what they want now? Yes, there are treatises by the thousands on why the Arab states did not accomplish this task, but the main reason is that they wanted the lands for themselves. The Egyptian war aim was to conquer the southern part of the mandate to have a land connection with the greater Arab states of Iraq and Saudi Arabia and to seize  much of the coastline of the eastern Mediterranean Sea. The Jordanian plan was to conquer the land of the West Bank, Jerusalem and have an outlet to the sea by bisecting Israel in its middle and reaching the bay of Haifa. The Syrians went to war to capture the Sea of Galilee  and grab much of the surrounding  fertile land as they could. The Lebanese, who really fought very little and mostly ineffectively, merely wanted to ensure that no Israeli forces would advance to the Litani River.

The Arab armies did not go to war for the sake of their brother Palestinians. They went to war for reasons of propaganda, the spoils they thought they could divide, and, of course, to kill Jews. Realpolitik is harsh but it is, nonetheless, accurate.

So, in 1964, an Egyptian named Yasser Arafat, and a Syrian named Ahmed Shukeiry, form the Palestine Liberation Organization to, “liberate Palestine from the Zionists” at a meeting in Cairo. From the Zionists? Why not from the Egyptians and the Jordanians? After all, what they want now, Arab states already had. Why didn’t the PLO launch terrorism against Egypt and Jordan? Jordan even had half of Jerusalem and didn’t move their capital there either!

Let’s advance to 1967-the Six Day War. Does anyone think for a New York minute that Egypt, Jordan, Syria and a few other Arab states, went to war for the sake of the Palestinians? Get real. If they cared at all for these “refugees”, they would have flown flags and marched with military pomp and circumstance and recognized the State of Palestine on both sides of the State of Israel back in 1949. But they didn’t because, they don’t care a whit for these people. As any nation has, its own interests and the Arab states NEVER cared for or about the Palestinians. Oh, they cried, they argued for them in the halls of international forums, they even said that they would destroy the “Zionist entity” for their sake.

But when Egypt and Jordan realized that peace with Israel would bring them the benefits of American political and economic assistance, as Egypt did in 1979 and, in return for peace with Israel received the Sinai Peninsula back (an area 3 times the size of pre-1967 Israel) and the replacement of their failed Soviet arms with American ones, they quickly threw the issue of “Palestinian statehood” overboard. The Egyptians even refused to take back the Gaza Strip.

In 1994, the Jordanian monarch, whose lands compose most of the old British mandate and whose population is over 70% Palestinian, also signed a peace treaty with Israel and gained a few hundred square kilometers on the area south of the Dead Sea. You really can’t blame the Hashemite monarchy for refusing to aid the Palestinian cause more concretely-after all, in 1970, the PLO tried to destroy his kingdom, kill him and his family and brought the Syrians in to help them. So the late King Hussein, had his army slaughter 30,000 Palestinians and he asked the Americans to get the Israelis to threaten the Syrian Army which invaded his country in the north. No love lost there either.

Today, the Arab world is in a shambles. Borders disappearing, minorities killing each other, Christians being burned alive and crucified, Yazidi girls and women sold as sex slaves, and children being sent into combat. The old order of the Arab world is disintegrating into a morass of blood and rapine.

Sure, the EU, a body never friendly to Israel anyway, has taken up the slack and called for Israel to make concession after concession in an insane renewal of the partition policies of decades ago. Still, the leadership of the PA, just like the Arab Higher Committee of the 1930s and 1940s, refuses to recognize any Jewish rights in the land, on the land, or too the land. And with millions of destitute Moslems flooding into Europe, soon enough those EU nations that are castigating, boycotting and continually holding Israel in contempt, will have enough of their own Arab problem to deal with.

The charade continues in the United Nations, the foreign ministries of many countries and, most sadly, in the American administration that somehow,  press that slicing the land into parts will mollify the Palestinians and make peace. Didn’t Albert Einstein say that performing the same experiment over and over again and expecting a different result was the height of insanity?

The truth is that there is no solution that will satisfy a people that does not want anything less than everything. That is why the PA continues to shed the blood of its young people, why it drives men and women to blow themselves up, why it names streets and schools for murderers. There are no playgrounds named for Hitler in Germany, nor are there any schools named for Himmler or Goering. There are no Jewish suicide bombers nor are Israeli children learning that Arabs are less then human. The fact that Arabs in Israel, hundreds of thousands of them descendants of those who did not flee in 1948, live far better, healthier and longer, with far more freedom, than any “refugee” living in Jenin, Tul Karem or Kalkilyah.

It’s time for the PA to surrender and recognize that their policies are impossibly desperate and doomed to failure. Their own brother Arabs have never cared for them, have abused them and degraded them. The failures of Palestinian leadership are monumental-as the late Israeli Foreign Minister, Abba Eban, z”l, was quoted-“The Palestinians never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.”

The PA spurned the offer of 93% of the “West Bank”, 3 of the 4 quarters of the old city of Jerusalem and all the Arab towns around the city and the entire Gaza Strip made by two Israeli prime ministers, Ehud Barak and Ehud Olmert, and who knows what propositions were made in classified codicils. What the PA wants is what the Palestinians have always wanted, the elimination of the State of Israel and the extermination of all its Jewish citizens. And that is something that they will never achieve.

When you send your children to do battle, when you hide under the skirts of your women and behind the walls of kindergartens and hospitals, it is time to surrender and accept whatever terms are dictated to you by those more powerful and hope for the best. Even the great armies of the Axis powers knew that the only way out was unconditional surrender or to be destroyed utterly.

Israel must make the PA come to the table and surrender. But first, the PA has to recognize it’s time to give it up.

About the Author
Irwin was born in New York City and is now retired. He lives in Maaleh Adumim since making aliyah 7 years ago.