Martin Polack
Martin Polack

Time To Leave The Democratic Party

It’s time to leave the Democrat Party.  For decades, Jews have aligned themselves with the Democrat Party because we believed that our values of social justice, racial equality, caring for the oppressed and the poor were in line with the Democrat’s policies. We felt more protected from anti-Semitism with the Democrats. We believed that the Democratic Party supported Israel more than the Republicans.

But no longer.  Since the Obama administration, the Democrats have shifted way too far to the Left.  The progressive, liberal, Democrats’ policies have been influenced by Senator Bernie Sanders, and the Squad, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib.  Both Israel and the United States are colonialists, and imperialists and racists. Israel is an apartheid state.  Blacks and Palestinians are victims of the oppressors. The United States must undergo a “fundamental transformation” spoke Obama.

Nearly every policy decision the Federal government lead by President Biden has made has been wrong:  the closing of the Canadian-US Keystone pipeline, allowing us to be energy independent;  while allowing the Russian-German pipeline, allowing Russia billions of dollars in revenue, most likely allowing them to build up their military and aggression;  not being strong towards China regarding the Wuhan laboratory Coronavirus origin, or their Cyber stealing of our corporate and military secrets; weakness towards Cyber attacks from Russia; weakening our restrictions against an Iranian nuclear buildup;  late term abortions;  an open, unregulated, unsupervised border, allowing 2 million illegal aliens into the USA, not out of compassion for those seeking shelter from crime and poverty, but only to increase the ranks of Democratic voters; slackening of election controls that would ensure voter integrity; and lastly, hundreds of billions of dollars for green energy.  The Democrats are bankrupting our children and grandchildren.

Liberal Democratic governors of states and mayors of cities, and attorney generals have allowed for more crime because of bail “reform” and defunding and handcuffing our police.  Liberal School boards across the country create disunity and racial tension and among our youth, teaching critical race theory, White supremacy is too blame; and teaching sexual and gender confusion and freedom.

Yes, it’s time to leave the Democratic party. In every local, town, city, state and federal election, vote Republican.

About the Author
Martin Polack is a business analyst who spends his spare time involved with adult Jewish education.