Time to track and trace the super super spreaders of the anti-Israel virus

As we greet a new Israeli government and bid farewell to Bibi, the bogey-man of the Left, let us acknowledged that – irrespective of who’s in power in Israel – the UK and the world remain in the grip of a virus. That virus isn’t COVID 19, but a virulent form of anti-Israelism which has spread like – well, like COVID19 through an unvaccinated population that refuses to wear masks and insists on hugging.

Its symptoms include delusions such as the belief that Israel is to blame for the Palestinian tragedy when in reality the Arab leaders were not only responsible for creating this truly tragic situation but have callously exploited the Palestinians for their value in transmitting the anti-Israel virus.

Another common symptom is delirium, leading to an irrational urge to embrace an Iranian-backed terrorist organisation whose aims and ideology would see the patient’s way of life utterly annihilated.

Antisemitism is a frequent complication, too, though sufferers are invariably in denial. They convince themselves that calling for the destruction of the single Jewish State, while generally ignoring – or certainly failing to publicly protest – the plight of the Uighurs, Rohingyas or Christians in Iran, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, etc, is merely an expression of deep concern for Palestinians rather than a strain of antisemitism. In some sufferers, this develops into full-blown Jew-hate, with delirious denunciations of “Zionists” controlling the world’s media, banking, etc.

Normally the skill of an experienced epidemiologist would  be needed to pinpoint the source of this pandemic, but calling on my extensive medical and scientific knowledge, I think I can say that the virulent anti-Israel pathogen took hold roughly around the time when the Arab states and their Soviet backers spotted that war and terrorism were not as effective as they’d hoped in dislodging Israel from the Middle East and Jews from their historic homeland.

The pathogen probably took hold on campuses – very likely UK campuses – via the widespread dissemination of that false narrative claiming that Jews dispossessed Palestinian Arabs and were to blame for their tragedy.

The narrative carefully omitted not only that Palestinian Arabs rejected several offers of a state and that Jordan grabbed half of Palestine before the remainder was divided, but also failed to mention that Arab states had launched a war to destroy Israel fully 19 years before Israel “occupied” the West Bank or Gaza, the alleged basis of their hatred for  Israel, as well as failing to mention that the Arab states massed troops on Israel’s borders in 1967 – again, before Israel “occupied” the West Bank and Gaza.

As we’ve learned from COVID 19, all epidemics have super-spreaders, so let me stretch this metaphor to almost breaking point, and ask, “Who were the super-spreaders of this poisonous epidemic of lies, libels and omissions?”  The first super-spreaders were academics and students because once infected, academics passed on the false narrative to each new generation of students.

Meanwhile, the students themselves – a cohort of idealistic, empathetic, easily-influenced young people – were the vectors to infect thousands more wherever they went. And if they happened to go to a job in media, they were perfectly placed to help spread the virus to millions more because, unlike COVID, contagion does not require direct physical contact.

Unlike COVID, contagion with this virus does not require direct physical contact

With media and academia replicating the virus ad infinitum and with very little available to immunise or vaccinate against Israel-hate, it’s hardly surprising that the virus spread like wildfire. Labour, of course, was a super-spreader by allowing Israel-hate to flourish in the party. No matter how hard it tried to disguise its stance as mere concern for Palestinian rights, the perpetrators rather too often frothed into full-blown Jew-hate to convince.

With their immunity already severely weakened by years of Left-wing antizionism, trade unions were pushed into infirmity by Labour’s sickness, so between them, Labour and unions helped spread the virus to schools, to Equity, to architects, to the BMJ and seemingly everywhere, with those infected demanding Israel’s destruction and condemning Israel for defending itself against deadly Iranian rockets.

I think we can agree, however, that the super super-spreader is – to its shame – most likely the BBC which over several decades passed on the virus to millions through overtly biased reporting as well as allowing it’s World  Service (now BBC World) to operate as a proxy Palestinian PR machine.

Other media outlets and publications – notably The Guardian and, in its early incarnation, The Independent –contributed to the epidemic of Israel-hate  but the BBC caused the most harm because its reputation for probity and fairness gave the false narrative credibility.

Proof that the BBC was (or was not) the super super spreader of this false narrative and, therefore, at least partially responsible for the resulting rise in UK antisemitism is, of course, available via the Balen Report. Compiled 17 years ago to investigate alleged anti-Israel bias at the BBC, this report would definitively prove the BBC’s culpability (or its innocence) but the BBC still refuses to release it despite a costly six-year court battle, a petition a decade or so ago and a new, current petition from Honest Reporting, which may be signed here.

Clearly the BBC does not want us to know the identity of the super super-spreader but given the importance of Track & Trace for curbing epidemics, I think we must be told the identity of the super super spreader. Even if we are unable to track down their millions of contacts, there maybe some decent people who would understand how they had been infected.

About the Author
Jan Shure held senior editorial roles at the Jewish Chronicle for three decades. and previously served as deputy editor of the Jewish Observer. She is an author and freelance writer and wrote regularly for the Huffington Post until 2018. In 2012 she took a break from journalism to be a web entrepreneur.