Tanya Rosenblatt Marciano

Time to Wake Up Canadian Jewry

In June 2014 The Jewish National Fund in Vancouver, Canada hosted their annual fundraiser gala. The guest speaker was honorable John Baird who was then Minister of Foreign Affairs in Stephen Harper’s Conservative government. Harper was by far the most supportive Prime Minister of Israel in the history of Canadian Prime Ministers. Baird, was a true friend to Israel and he wasn’t afraid to say it. “People may disagree with our position with respect to Israel, but so be it, it’s always wise to speak with moral clarity.” He was unwavering just like the Prime Minister he sat under and wouldn’t let the left bullies change his position.

I was exited to attend the JNF gala and reached out to friends and family to join me. One particular friend stands out when I asked if she would be interested in attending the dinner with her husband. She went on a five minute tirade how I could assume just because she was Jewish she would support the dinner. I was confused. The JNF has taken upon themselves to support Israel, plant trees, build water reservations and social infrastructures. I responded in awe and asked if she supports the JNF. The answer was affirmative but she as a staunch Liberal would never support Baird or any other member of the Conservative party.  It was a lost cause, as this friend was so blinded by local politics she forgot her roots.

A year later in 2015 Justin Trudeau was elected as Prime Minister of Canada. Trudeau’s track record over the past nine years is laughable but extremely sad. He has completely ruined the country by driving up the cost of living in Canada to unbearable statistics. He has flip flopped with his support for Israel since the start of the Israel-Hamas war.

Just over a month ago Trudeau said Israel must stop ‘this killing of women, children, babies’ in Gaza. He then went on and gave Canadian support to the UN resolution calling for a ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas war. A Canadian friend posted shortly afterwards on Instagram, “@justintrudeau you are pushing centrist voters into the arms of the conservatives.” I wanted to throw my phone against a wall.  There is a glimmer of hope in Canada as the leader of the Canadian opposition, Pierre Poilievre (Conservative Party) has been a full fledge supporter of Israel winning this war. Calling Hamas a “death cult” and calls out their barbarism against the Jewish people.

When will the Canadian voter wake up and realize you must elect leaders who believe in democracy, freedom of speech, rights of women, and strongly stand behind the State of Israel. Clearly these Canadian Jewish voters have forgotten William Mackenzie King. A Liberal Prime Minister of Canada who so kindly phrased, “none is too many,” when asked how many Jews should be admitted into Canada during the holocaust. 

It’s time for the Canadian Jewish voter to understand the current Prime Minister is no friend to Israel. One just needs to remember the Dreyfus affair or open Theodore Herzl’s biography to understand the Jew should never become complacent or comfortable in a foreign country. It doesn’t matter if you are a doctor, lawyer, educator, or just an upstanding member of Canadian society- there is only one country that will always have your back. We just ask the same in return.

About the Author
Tanya made Aliyah in 2005 and then again in 2015 with her family. She lives in the beautiful city of Efrat.