Times of Israel Presents High-End Israeli Culture in English

“The City,” a wildly successful Israeli hip hop opera by Incubator Theater, was performed in English in Jerusalem for the first time this past Tuesday.

The stars seemed to be aligned at Masie Theatre; the auditorium filled up with English-speaking Israelis, the lights dimmed, and a cast of five sabras proceeded to keep us on our toes, laughing and hugely entertained, for one hour and 15 minutes. The play is written and performed as one continuous song in rhyme and probably the biggest surprise of the night was how well-written and performed the play was, despite its and the actors’ Hebrew and Israeli origins.

The City’s English debut was the first event in a new series that aims to bring high-end Israeli culture to the Anglo audience in Jerusalem. Matthew Kalman, the man behind the project, has the support of Times of Israel and those of us in the city who know the local culture scene intimately – including what is missing.

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Photo by Deena Levenstein

This is a welcome and exciting initiative and it will be no surprise when these events quickly start drawing people from beyond the Jerusalem metropolitan. Read about their upcoming events here and here.

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Photo by Deena Levenstein
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