Timesharing on the Temple Mount – don’t miss the opportunity

The following is a translation of a letter I sent to Prime Minister Netanyahu and members of Knesset today:

Honorable Prime Minister and members of Knesset,

Congratulations on the full closure of the Temple Mount today.  Finally, a demonstration of Israeli sovereignty on the Temple Mount!

Please, do not waste this opportunity!

If the Temple Mount is re-opened according to its previous status, it will be written in the books of Jewish History as another wasted opportunity to return the Temple Mount to Jewish sovereignty.

Before re-opening the Temple Mount, we must define a timesharing policy between Muslims and non-Muslims, so that everyone can pray  on the Temple Mount without bothering each other.

The current situation on the Temple Mount is an ugly stain on the face of our country, with the Israeli Police enforcing the Waqf’s racist policies rather then the law of the State of Israel.

The time has come to correct this situation, and the full closure today is a perfect opportunity to do so.  DON’T WASTE IT!!

About the Author
David Neustadter is a biomedical engineer, CTO of Calore Medical Ltd., and lives in Nof Ayalon.
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