Barry Shaw

To be a Jew today is to live in fear

There are multiple fronts today if you are a Jew, and all of them are filled with fear.

Israel was built by Jews in fear.

Those who escaped the greedy hands of Middle Eastern Muslims and European peasants who envied what they had but were incapable of working or crafting what they had achieved.

It’s strange how these vacated lands are Judenrein (cleared of Jews) yet still hate the Jew.

Those who escaped and collectively and individually slaved to build a new land, a new hope, a brighter future, in a land that had been theirs long ago.

They were attacked first by marauding Arabs, then by incited mobs, then by envious enemy armies wanting to plunder the oasis they were developing out of a barren landscape.

Rather than recruit their skill their enemy only wants to deprive them of their right to be there, rob them of their resources by destroying and killing them.

Why would someone decide one morning to grab a knife and go out to kill a Jew?

This happens almost daily in Israel.

This then is the lot of the Jew of Israel.

But, unlike their brethren in the diaspora, this new Jew, out of sheer necessity, has learned to fight back.

Not only to fight but to outpunch the aggressor.

This attitude enrages its neighbors., and those who favor Israel’s enemies.

In the Middle East, a Jew who does not go meekly to his grave has become an insult to his neighbors. It exposes them to shame. That Jew has become an aggressor.

So, they develop a narrative in which they pose themselves as the victim of Jewish aggression.

They have become oppressed.

Jews give them land, yet they remain occupied.

Jews limiting the material flowing into Gaza, preventing them constructing another hundred miles of underground terror tunnels and rocket bunkers, is a sure sign of Israeli oppression.

And the world weeps for them, as they indoctrinate the naïve sons and daughters of lazy myopic wealthy parents, that Israel is bad and poor Palestinians are victims of Jewish white racism and colonization.

To claim a land that was yours has become white colonization. This despite the majority of Israeli Jews originating from within the ancient land or from Middle Eastern or the African or Asian continent.

Jews open factories and give the Arabs jobs, but this is demeaning. Better to boycott those evil Jewish overlords and cast the Arabs back into poverty. Better poor and hungry than tainted with Jewish money,

The Jew can never do anything right, Zionism is racism, you see.

So, they attack. Riding and running across the collapsed border fence. Maps in hand drawn by those the Jews employed, heading for the homes of the Jews they hate so much, to torture, rape and kill. To take back into Gaza, dead or alive as Jewish trophies to show the neighbors what heroes they are.

Now they can torment their Jewish captives. To do with them as they wish.

At last, they have power over the Jew, the individual Jew, or Jewess, in their bloody greedy hands, to do with as they want.

At last, they have the power of life, or death, over their Jewish victim.

An intoxicating fulfillment of everything they have been indoctrinated to believe.

But the collective Jew is in shock. Grieving and angry at this merciless assault and their inability to prevent it.

This never happened with such impact for eighty years, a short time in Jewish history, but a pattern, a Jewish pathology, that stretches back three millennia.

It is etched in the Jewish psyche and one that only a Jewish collective cannot ignore.

It reacted as it should but was immediately condemned by the anti-Jewish world,

“How dare these Jews behave this way?” they demanded.

“Death to Jews! Gas the Jews! Allah Akbar! Palestine will be free!”

“I’m neutral,” said the Socialist mayor of Sydney when her Jewish citizens appealed to her for protection.

“You’ve got to see this genocide of Jews in context,” said the presidents of ivy league campuses as petrified Jewish students barricade themselves in libraries,

The White House rushes into action by setting up a task force on Islamophobia to protect the free speech of the voracious voices attacking Israel and Jews as they rip down posters of Jewish children and young Jewish women being tortured and raped by those whose cause they champion, as young Jewish students barricade themselves in college libraries against the indoctrinated mob.

A cause that demands a genocide against the Jews.

How’s that for context?

The world has gone insane.

About the Author
Barry Shaw is the Senior Associate for Public Diplomacy at the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies. He is also the author of ‘Fighting Hamas, BDS and Anti-Semitism,' '1917. From Palestine to the Land of Israel, 'BDS for IDIOTS,' and his latest work 'A Tale of Love and Destiny,' the dramatic life of a Jewish heroine.