Yakira Yedidia
Yakira Yedidia

To blog or not to blog?

That is the question.

Once upon a time privacy and modesty were highly regarded. Are we being pushed to expose-more, do-more, blog more, buy-more, by ‘the more the merrier society’?  Riding on the merry-go-round without being able to let it go? We keep on buying, as we watch our world becomes one huge shopping mall.

Welcome to (virtual) reality where everything about us is known, recorded, analyzed and stored somewhere over the rainbow. Who we are, what we do, how we feel, how we think, the way we look, our strength and weaknesses, our family and friends, our emotional state, our financial state and the state we live in. Everything is known about us, whether we like it or not.

It almost feels like the lyrics to the song “Every Breath You Take” were written and implemented not only by The Police band, but Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, CIA, M15, KGB, KFC, CNN, 007, 7Eleven, Banks, Disney, IKEA, Amazon, Walmart, AT&T, KLMNOP?!  Smart phones, Smart homes, Smart meters, you name it. Everything is known about us, everywhere continuously with or without our consent.

On one hand, it is fun to display on Facebook the stuff we buy, things we do, places we go to, so people we’ve never met, might like us. On the other hand, does privacy and modesty mean anything to anyone anymore? Will it be a part of our vocabulary in the days to come, or easily deleted from our minds and from our digital text books, as if it never existed?

And as if we’re not sharing enough, when we really want to stand out and become noticeable in the internet of all things, to blog or not to blog, isn’t really the question, it is the answer!

Have a blessed day,

Yakira Yedidia

About the Author
Rabbi Yakira wears many hats. She is a blogger, the founder of BeCHAVRUTA, LLC online Hebrew Academy. The Author of the new groundbreaking book LEARN TO READ HEBREW IN 18 STEPS, interlacing her song-writing skills, graphic design, and teaching expertise. What others are saying? DENNIS PRAGER- “Original, fun, and effective, this is a superb way to learn to read Hebrew.” RABBI DAVID WOLPE- “A clear, lucid and immensely helpful guide to learning Hebrew. Takes the reader by the hand and introduces the holy tongue in living color." RABBI DR DAVID ELLENSON-”An instant classic! Rabbi Yakira has written a primer on Hebrew that is both enchanting and colorful. It is sure to capture the interest of students and magically introduce them to the Hebrew language!” If you or anyone you know wants to “LEARN TO READ HEBREW IN 18 STEPS” https://rabbiyakira.com/bechavruta-learn-to-read-hebrew-in-18-steps-book/
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