Micah Ben David Naziri
Ha'Shem is a Verb.

To Free Gaza, We Must Destroy Hamas and Liberate Palestinian Minds

Image used with permission, from the Hashlamah Project.

Israel and Hamas are clearly unequal in military might. The argument that this should cause the State of Israel to stand down when attacked by Hamas in a brutal pogrom, with atrocities rivaling those of the Third Reich, however, is ridiculous.

No one said it is a war between two equal military powers. That is why Hamas is so unbelievably stupid.

A little background on me…

I have several black belts or sashes, in an array of martial arts, and additional equivalent instructor rankings in martial systems that do not utilize a belt ranking system. My lifestyle itself is martial in nature. I’m what is jokingly termed, within martial arts communities, a “lifer.”

In terms of professional experience applying this martial and otherwise tactical knowledge, I have worked corporate security, private security and executive protection, as well as just having a healthy early-90s SHARP anti-racist Skinhead gang background in beating Nazi Hammerskins to a pulp when the opportunity presented itself.

I have trained with tactical firearms legends, and was a corporate security supervisor for Proctor and Gamble, I managed to finagle my way in to fairly private firearms training with Cincinnati SWAT members (and the then head of the team).

So, to illustrate the point analogously to the fights Hamas continues to provoke, you could imagine what a bad idea it would be for an average high school kid with no training, to pull a gun on me, threaten to shoot me, shoot at me, or God forbid at my family.

Indeed, I have been threatened with a firearm by a young man in West Dayton, named Darion. I had no choice but to intervene in a potential domestic dispute, down the street from a property that I own. I sincerely warned Darion not to test me, or I would put be forced to shoot him the second I saw him raise his illegally-owned black market revolver. I know that it was black market because I ended up talking some sense into this kid and driving him home, as he was drunk and in a state of suicidal depression from his grandmother passing.

I did not want to shoot him. But if he gave me no other option than to do so, I would have chosen my children having their father around, over him getting away with murder. Instead, however, he listened to reason. He laid his weapon down, I holstered mine, and gave him a hug that he did not want to let me pull away from, even after what seemed like it must have been a minute or two.

So let’s say that some young man – or old one for that matter – was not as bright as Darion. This other guy is warned, then warned again, but after promising to put his pistol away, and doing so, he draws it again when he thinks my guard is down, and begins firing at me.

Theoretically, I have two options. Supposing he is like most armed youths with illegal weapons, his ammunition would be limited. Thus, I could opt to take cover, wait until he exhausted his ammunition, then physically disarm him and maim him so that he can never do that sort of thing again, or I could simply take cover and shoot him. The latter option is not only the safer of the two, but also the most instinctively natural. No one would fault me for such a thing. In fact, many would thank me, noting that such a person was likely going to kill someone else, had he not been stopped.

Still, if it were possible not to kill him, I would avoid doing so. Unfortunately, this is not always possible.

I am not simply a martial artist and tactician, I am also what some might term a mystic. As a lineaged Taoist, I spend hours a day in Nei Kung meditation – sitting and standing – as well as Qi Kung.

Consistent with a Taoist perspective, as a Kabbalist, Sufi, or the first non-African male initiated into the Alafia “Voodoo” tradition, I personally believe that when you take a life, the spirit of that individual clings to you, to some extent, and for at least a period of time. That doesn’t mean you should never kill. As King Solomon, Shlomo Ha’Melekh wrote, “there is a time to kill” (Qohelet/Ecclesiastes 3:3).

Yet such a person firing at me – or, God-forbid, my family as well – would certainly not be at my level of training. He would likely have an unreliable firearm, whereas I would likely be carrying a higher end H&K pistol (or at least a Glock 19X for when my VP9 Match is too bulky for attire suitable for the weather).

He likely would not have been training since 1994 in martial arts and firearms tactics (I was 17 then, and illegally owned my own firearm at that time, due in large part to threats from the same Neo-Nazi Hammerskins we gang-warred with). All of that, however, is not the point.

The point is, to phrase it in a more sanitized version for Times of Israel readers, “mess around and find out.”

Or as folks said in my neighborhood growing up: “Don’t start none, won’t be none.”

All people have a Natural Right to return to the land of their ethnogenesis. If you deny that truth and then continuously attack such people for exercising that right of return, then you should not play the collective victim when you lose every war you declare and wage against them – breaking ceasefire after ceasefire.

“Don’t start none, won’t be none.”

Had there not been a Hamas Pogrom breaking the ceasefire agreement on October 7th, 2023, there would not – as such – “be none.” There would be none of the bombing, none of the tanks and troops in this ground invasions. There would be no hostages for us to go in and rescue. Indeed, we would have likely continued allowing Hamas to retain power illegitimately in the Gaza Strip, in spite of their refusal to allow further elections. The original election, of course, was about as legitimate as those in Syria, where the populace is fearful of voting for anyone other than the local bully.

This makes the Palestinian people of Gaza the bullied. The reality is that if we want to “Free Palestine” then we must free Palestinians from those who are keeping them trapped in this cycle of misguided romantic hopes of a restored Imperialistic Caliphate and their exploits of conquest, ethnic cleansing and forced conversions. We must free them from the oppression that they suffer under by this Hamas Terror Cult, which Jamatul Fitrah members in Gaza inform me has been thoroughly infiltrated by Da`esh for years. We must free them from this Neo-Salafi Wahhabiesque cult of the Grand Mufti Hajj Amin Al-Husseini (the Father of this conflict) and his mentor Rashid Ridha (respectively, its Grandfather). We must free them of propaganda aimed at children like Farfel the Mickey Mouse Rip-Off, and an education system that makes an Amish homeschooling program look comprehensive and cosmopolitan.

For Gaza to be free, it must first be free of Hamas. We had a ceasefire. This Neo-Salafi Terror Cult broke it and show us first hand what their Da`esh infiltrators have taught them about the diabolical scale of terror, the so-called Islamic State has been notorious for. We aren’t doing this again. We are not going to let this happen to any more of our children in the name of some ill-informed, unhistorical concept of “decolonization” by the grandchildren of the Caliphate Imperialists who seized control of our ancestral homeland, raped some of us and forced us to convert to what they term “Islam,” losing our very identities, leading us to cling to the Post-Modern “Palestinian” Identity which the Egyptian Yasser Arafat boasted he created.

Meanwhile, those grandchildren of Arab imperialist rapists and our Jewish ancestors forcibly converted at the tip of a sword, retain Hebrew vernacular which they imagine as “Palestinian Arabic” as well as customs like lighting candles on the evening of Yawm as-Sabt, the Shabbat. They retain “Palestinian names” like “Mezuzah” or “Zuzu” for short, which they say “doesn’t have a meaning, it’s just a Palestinian name,” as my ex-fiance’s family said of her younger sibling from Ramallah.

To liberate the People of Palestine, we must liberate them not only from Hamas, but also from the mental slavery and shackles of the very Caliphatist fascism that robbed them of their Jewish ancestral identities – a fact which both Ben Gurion and Ben Tzvi knew and attested to.

Hamas pushed us to the point of no return. There is no going back now. There is no ceasefire without full and complete cessation of the rockets, which Hamas somehow miraculously has the fuel for, as though some satanic mockery of the Maccabean revolt is being implied by their continued access to fuel, telecommunications and everything else which they propagandistically lie and claim they are cut off from.

The lies end now. The massacres end now. The Palestinian and Israeli People living in fear of these Terror Cults, and thus in fear of one another, must also end now. Now is the time to move forward, but we cannot move forward until this road block on the Path of Peace is removed.

It is time to remove it, once and for all.

About the Author
Dr. Micah Naziri was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. The son of a multitude of peoples, Micah has Ashkenazi Jewish, German, Native American and Melungeon Sefardic background. Micah has often said he has “one foot in the masjid and the other in shul.” Spiritually, Micah considers his understanding of Judaism to be “Judeo-Sufi,” or “Istislam” as described by Rabbeinu Bachya ibn Paqudah, in his Medieval Judeo-Arabic work “Guide to the Duties of the Hearts” (Al-Hidayat ila Fara`id al-Qulub), which quoted Muhammad and his son-in-law `Ali profusely – reference each as being “a great chasid” – while fully embracing the Torah as the framework of religious practice for the Jewish people. Dr. Naziri is the founder of the Martial Sufi Tariqah alternatively known as the Taliyah al-Mahdi (2001) and the Jamat al-Fitrah (2005), as well as Hashlamah Project Foundation (2012), and the White Rose Society “reboot” (2016). As the founder of the Hashlamah Project Foundation, Micah uses his education in Near Eastern Languages, Religions and historical models of building bridges between Jewish and Muslim communities, to help reconcile and unite Jews and Palestinian Muslims. He is a prolific author who has penned numerous academic articles, donating 100% of the proceeds to charities working towards social justice. He has also authored a science fiction novel fused with history and politics. His Master’s thesis on the religious milieu of Judaism in Muhammad’s life time, in Arabia, has been published by New Dawn Publications and is available on Amazon, with all proceeds similarly going to charity work. He has served as an editor for written works on Martial Arts and Eastern Medicine, transcribing and creating numerous titles for some of his teachers. He has himself authored several martial treatises using the pen name Seng, Hern-Heng – his Taoist lineage name given to him in 2006 by Huang, Chien-Liang. On that front, he is currently working on a new Taoist translation of the Tao Te Ching (Daodejing) based on the original Mawangdui manuscripts. Micah became well-known for activism confronting an anti-Muslim protester peacefully and reasoning with her outside of a Dublin, Ohio mosque. After nearly 45 minutes of debate and reconciliation, the woman embraced a Muslimah woman from the mosque, and went into the mosque with her and Micah for bagels, coffee and a tour of the house of worship. When she left, the Muslims there gave her a gift bag. Micah became somewhat infamous – loved by some, hated by others – not only for several high-profile, viral protests, but also for teaching free self-defense classes available to all interested parties from historically oppressed communities. Law enforcement, however, have without question been the most hostile to Naziri, as he became a regular protester against police brutality and murder of unarmed African-Americans. Micah has been equally as virally-known as an avowed anti-rape activist, who confronted the Stanford Rapist, Brock Turner at his home in Sugarcreek Township, Ohio, after he was released from his mere three-month jail sentence for raping an unconscious woman. Today, Micah continues activism in the areas surrounding Yellow Springs, and abroad, focusing on weekly protests and vigils supporting families of innocent, unarmed African-American youths, gunned down by local police or vigilante citizens attempting to hide behind gun culture and the Second Amendment, such as in the recent case of Victor Santana – who was recently arrested, charged with murder, and convicted after months of pressure put on Montgomery County prosecutor Matt Heck by protests Micah organized in conjunction with Donald Dominique of the New Black Panther Party. Micah is currently coordinating expanded work with international Hashlamah Project chapters and the Jam`at Al-Fitrah, the name used in the Palestinian Territories for the Sufi Martial Tariqah known as the Taliyah al-Mahdi. He is seeking grant-writing partnerships to grow the Hashlamah Project organization’s efforts – particularly in the State of Israel and the Palestinian Territories.
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