Yoseph Janowski
By the Grace of G-d

To Jewish anti-Netanyahu protestors


Why are you protesting the effort to destroy Hamas?

Don’t you realize, that you are joining hands with antisemitism?

Why are you insulting the intelligence and common sense of the war cabinet?

Why are you again attempting to divide us?

Wasn’t October 7 enough of a wake-up call to the danger of division?

Why do you persist?

Instead of encouraging brave soldiers, you are doing the opposite.

Why are you so stubbornly insisting that you are one hundred percent right, and the generals are wrong?

Enough. It’s really enough. It’s time to wake up to reality.

It’s time to embrace the nation, and stand up to the world.

It’s time to be proud of your Jewishness, and not be afraid of what the antisemites might say.

It’s time to be yourself, your true self, your Jewish self, the Jewish spark and soul within you.

It’s time to realize that we need to defeat evil once and for all, and not to rely on the false promises of enemies and of the nations.

It’s time to realize that G-d runs the world, and that the success of Israel’s army depends on G-d.

It’s time.

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