To our brothers and sisters in the diaspora

Since October 7, we don’t sleep like before. We don’t breathe like we did before. We don’t live like we did before.

Since October 7, the bestial terror of Hamas has been with us every moment of the day. Our abducted brothers and sisters, our children and grandparents, accompany us with every breath we take.

Since October 7, we have clarity. Hamas is ISIS, is fanatical, is conditioned to death and destruction. We have clarity. that Israel is fighting not just for its own people, not just for our own beloved country. Israel is fighting for the free world. For the Shani Louks of this world, young girls full of joie de vivre, freedom and strength. For life. For values that the Jihadist hellfire wants to suffocate.

Something else has been clear since October 7: as great as the pain is, as great as the collective trauma is – we, “we” cannot afford to sink into mourning. Our soldiers are fighting in Gaza to destroy Hamas. We are fighting in the anti-Semitic information war to destroy the toxic incitement. Our soldiers are fighting in Gaza to free the hostages. We are fighting in Berlin and New York to keep the faces of the hostages alive.

The families of the hostages show us how this works, how pain and helplessness are transformed into strength and action. They have experienced unbelievable things. They have lost their children, brothers, sisters, parents, grandparents and uncles.

Now they fight like lions, day and night, young and old, crying and proud. And how they fight. Like the whole country. And we know you fight with us. We have experienced inhuman things, but Israel will emerge from this nightmare stronger and more united.

In interviews I am asked again and again whether Israel is still a safe haven for Jews. Guess what my answer is. Hell, yes.

About the Author
Melody Sucharewicz is a German-Israeli communication and strategy consultant and a former foreign affairs adviser to Minister Benny Gantz.
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