Howard Kaplan

To Solve the Israel/Palestine/Saudi impasse

Bibi cares only about not going to jail. That’s the root of all the recent maelstrom in Israel.  Here’s the solution: Biden and MBS say to Bibi, you get us both and here’s what you have to do in return: break up the coalition of these fringe characters and say to the Opposition (hush hush of course:) We form a new coalition, get rid of the current government, halt settlement building and pave the way for a two-state solution, or something quite close to it in terms of a Federation. The Americans then run the nuclear facilities or at least oversee them in Saudi Arabia, and for changing the world and in recognition of his long unprecedented service to Israel, including in Sayeret Matkal, the Knesset passes some special laws just for King Bibi– a get out of jail free card.
1970 march to Jerusalem
I have been traveling in the West Bank for over 50 years since my junior year at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem in 1970. In 1987, I published an oped in the Los Angeles Times under the title: “Will the West Bank Turn Israel into a Permanently Besieged Fortress.” During that half a century, if you chart each decade the relations have deteriorated. Now they terrify me.
Hebron, Palestinian souq; settlers throw their garbage out second floor window at Palestinians
My parents are Holocaust survivors. I never thought Israel could cease to exist in any meaningful way.
I do, now.
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