To Wear A Mask Or Not – A Jewish Response

Some of you might at first be shocked from what I am going to write, but I ask that you read to the end.

I believe that sin has caused the pandemic. It was a sin committed by the first person in China after he or she learned they had the virus to every person to this day who has not worn a mask, social distanced, etc.

This is the sin of not caring for others that they can be harmed by our actions. It is the sin of caring only for oneself.
This pandemic will only end when those committing this sin will do teshuvah, make a repentance of misdeeds, and think of others by doing the right thing.

For my friends who are Jewish, I cannot understand how any one of you is not taking the precautions to stop the spread of the virus. If you accept the Shema, found in our Torah portion today, and its teaching that God is One, than you must know that all humanity is one. When you harm another, you also harm God.

For the sin of human indifference, we ask Your forgiveness, oh Adnonai God of mercy. Help those who have sinned to rectify their misdeed so that all of us can return to a life of peace of mind and security. Amen.

About the Author
Rabbi Steven Moss served as rabbi to B'nai Israel, Oakdale, NY for 47 years. He was a chaplain at Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, NY for 30 years and a chaplain to the Suffolk County Police Dept. for 36 years. He was chair of the county Human Rights Commission for 28 years.
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