Toda Israel!!!

My husband and I just returned home to the U.S. after a 15-day tour of your wonderful homeland. Our travels covered the length and width of Israel from the Mt. Hermon area to the Red Sea city of Eilat and from the coastal cities east to the Dead Sea and Masada. Despite the surge of horrific stabbing attacks on Jews by Palestinians, increased military conflicts in the surrounding countries, and unusual weather phenomena, our visit was both enlightening and surreal!

The purpose of our visit to the cradle of civilization was twofold.  In addition to a desire to connect with the land of our spiritual forefathers, we were searching for a better understanding of the worldwide tensions surrounding this tiny nation.  The connection to the land and an understanding of the roots of the conflicts there began to crystalize due, in large part, to our two amazing Israeli guides.  Both were Israeli born, one a Christian, the other Jewish.  These two gifted gentlemen possess an extensive knowledge of biblical history and prophecy, and the archaeology that illuminates the history of the place and its people.  As beneficiaries of their knowledge, we returned with both the connection and better understanding we were seeking to find in Israel.

As followers of Yeshua, we visited freely and without fear many important  Christian sites such as Nazareth, the Galilee, Capernaum, Caesarea and most importantly the Temple Mount in the Holy City of Jerusalem. Although visiting these biblically significant sites were what we consider an opportunity of a lifetime, we were equally moved by the citizens of this important land.  In every encounter with Israelis, from the guides to the shop keepers, restaurant workers and the young IDF soldiers we were met with a deep and abiding appreciation, kindness and love for visiting and supporting their land.

At the Yad Vashem, we were privileged to hear a first hand account of the story of a holocaust survivor whose best friend was Anne Frank.  Her matter of fact delivery belied the horror of her story and gave us a deeper realization of the humanity behind the historical facts.  In our Jerusalem hotel, we met an 87 year old German Jewish woman named Ruth who shared her story of fleeing Berlin as the Nazis were coming to power prior to WWll.  She lost over a dozen family members who stayed behind. After settling for years in America, she and her rabbi husband made Aliya in the 1970s.  Although recently widowed, Ruth was warm, welcoming and eager to share the story of her remarkable life in a mostly matter of fact manner.  We will never forget this beautiful lady and pray that she saw a glimpse of the light of God’s love reflected through us.

We pray for the land of Israel with a deep and profound concern for the welfare of ALL who live in the Holy Land.  We particularly pray for the peace of Jerusalem and all its people.

We believe God in His sovereignty designated Israel as His chosen land and the Jewish people as His Chosen people.  The battle lines of spiritual warfare being waged against the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were clearly drawn Bere’Sheet. In modern times, the battle over Israel, Jerusalem and many of the Holy sites is the continued manifestation and intensification of this age old battle. We are comforted in the knowledge that God’s plans which are revealed in His Holy Word cannot be thwarted.

As we settle back into our daily lives, we recognize we have been forever changed by the experience of our visit to The Nation of Israel. We are profoundly grateful to the people of this great nation for the love and acceptance so freely given. As a gesture of our appreciation, we are committed to actively speaking out to encourage others to learn more about Israel, to support Her politically and financially, to visit Israel and most importantly to pray fervently for Shalom in the most biblically important nation on earth! Toda Israel!

About the Author
Rene Moran Firesheets is a 59 year old Christian woman from the Deep South of The United States. She holds a Masters degree from Louisiana State University.
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