Today Only Israel Decides

There are many in this world who think they know what’s best for Israel.
There are many in this world who arrogantly pass judgement on a country and its people they know nothing about.
They are many in this world who feel they have some kind of moral superiority to dictate to Israel the direction they should follow.

But the truth is that they know nothing about Israel. They know nothing about the country. They know nothing about its history. They know nothing about the people – their hopes and their fears. They know nothing about its security and the region in which they live. They know nothing about the Jewish will and determination to survive.

Democratic 2020 hopeful, Beto O‚ÄôRourke, says Bibi Netanyahu is a racist and that the US-Israel relationship must find a way to ‘transcend’ him. So what he’s really saying is that he doesn’t believe in democracy and the choice of the Israeli people. Because what gives him the right to decide to ignore a democratically elected leader? This is from someone whose own Democratic party cannot even bring themselves to condemn their own blatant anti-Semitic members like Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlab. Yet somehow he’s delusional to pass judgement on Bibi Netanyahu? This is the same joker who visited Israel in 2014 on a trip sponsored by J-Street, the left wing Jewish group in America who pretend they care about Israel, yet fund and support anti-Semitic BDS supporting members of congress, as they did for Rashida Tlab.

Or how about Elizabeth Warren, another democratic presidential hopeful, who according to herself and no one else, is a Native American Indian. She has the nerve to call on IDF soldiers to exercise restraint and allow the rights of palestinian protesters to demonstrate peacefully on the Gaza border – ignoring the facts that the protesters are throwing molotov cocktails at Israeli soldiers, trying to rip down the border fence, lighting fires in fields, launching kites laden with explosives and decorated with swastikas, all with the intent of breaking through the border and murdering innocent people. She thinks of herself as fighting extremism, yet had no problem supporting the Iran nuclear deal – which meant supporting and giving legitimacy to the most dangerous terrorist supporting fascist regime of all. She also says the allegations against Netanyahu ‘cut to the heart of Israel’s democracy,’ ignoring the principles of innocent until proven guilty – a core feature of a westernised justice system. So this person, who lies about his ancestry, feels she has the moral authority to question the democratic nature of a country like Israel?

Then there’s good ole uncle Bernie Sanders – a shining example of the ‘good’ Jew – the one who’s not toooooo Jewish and not too proud of his own heritage. He’ll always be at the forefront of attacking Israel just to make sure that everyone around him knows that he’ll never really support Israel that much – just in case his progressive friends turn against him. This is the guy who actually supported Ilhan Omar, despite her anti-Semitic tirades, and this is the guy who will make the perfect poster child for anti-Semites who pretend they’re not actually anti-Semitic in the first place.

There are also those wonderful groups like Jewish Voice for Peace and IfNotNow who once again start off every sentence with “As a Jew” and then proceed to do as many anti-Jewish things as they can. IfNotNow actually demonstrated against the Birthright program – a program designed to connect Jews with their own heritage. Think about that – they protested against Jews understanding and connecting with their own Jewish heritage. The sooner they assimilate out of the Jewish people – which they will – the better it will be for all of us remaining proud Jews.

The one thing these groups and people above have is they believe they know what’s best for the future of the Jewish people in their own land. They believe that Jews – a people almost 4000 years old – somehow have to listen to these clowns to safeguard their own future.

But ultimately, they are ignorant, insignificant and hopelessly uneducated about Israel, the region and its people. Their opinions, while annoying, play about as significant a role as a referendum on government policy in North Korea.

Because the only opinions that really matter and the only ones that count are the voters of Israel and those proud Jews around the world who embrace their heritage, not reject it.

So when Yair Lapid says most world leaders want Netanyahu to go, my own response would be: who cares? Because it is Israelis who must decide their future – not those from abroad.

For today is the day that Israelis will make that decision in a democratic election – an election that no other country in the region can ever hope to have.

And that is something to be proud of and worthy of celebration.

About the Author
Justin Amler is a South African born, Melbourne based writer who has lived in South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.