Top Drag Queens salute Dana International at ‘Evita’

(Photo: Holy Wigs’ Facebook)

On Sunday, Tel Aviv’s gayest bar Evita threw open a special tribute evening to Israel’s most prominent queen of pop in the last three decades, Dana International.

Throughout the evening, drag queen group Holy Wigs performed, in a very humoristic way, many of Dana’s hits from her three-decade career, with the Israeli Eurovision Diva herself watching and laughing out load from her front-row seat.

The evening was presented as a ‘This is Your Life’ special tribute to the singer, but “This is by no means a conclusion of my career,” Dana said at the end of the evening to the cheering crowd that filled the place,  “You can call it a sub-conclusion of my career until now.”

“Everything happens for the better, so smile” Dana added in her speech. “Your best friend stole your boyfriend? It’s for the better. Your parents threw you out of the house? It’s for the better. Just turn the other cheek.”

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