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Yᵊhoshua 10: Sun & Moon Stood Still

Sun & Moon Will Stand Still Again On 2014.06.21

Decoding The Biblical Significance of “70” & the 9th of Av
“70” In Ancient Biblical Numerology

In my recent study of the ancient numerology of the number 70 and its meaning in the Bible, I discovered that the Judaic calendar is, in several ways, the polar opposite of the calendars of Egypt and other ancient goyim of the Middle East. When the calendar was deemed ascendant for goyim it was deemed in decline for Israel, and vice-versa.

The Biblical significance and ancient numerology of the number 70 derived from the period of days defined by the heliacal setting and rising of Sirius, the “Dog Star.” In Egyptian mythology, Sirius was known as the Star of Isis, goddess of fertility associated with Ashtoret and Easter.

In Egyptian idolatry, Isis was the mother of Horus, which was the inspiration among later Roman Hellenists (between 135 C.E. and the 4th century C.E.) for developing the Roman (Hellenist) Christian image of Jesus. As the mother of Horus, Isis, accordingly, inspired the parallel Roman Christian theology of Mary, Mother of God.

Heliacal setting of Sirius (Isis): ≈70 days of darkness

The heliacal set­ting of Sirius, the Star of Isis, began ≈70 days of dark­ness as Isis (Sir­i­us) wander­ed in the nether­world, un­til her (he­li­a­cal) “resur­rec­tion”

The heliacal setting of Sirius, beginning Isis‘ (perceived as Egypt’s) ≈70 days of darkness in the netherworld (inspiration of the Hellenist Roman notion of “purgatory”) occurred only a couple of weeks ago, 05.25 (mm.dd) this year.

In the ancient Egyptian calendar, the heliacal setting of the Dog Star, Sirius, began a period of darkness when Sirius (Isis) was considered to be in the darkness of the netherworld, having descended below the horizon. These “Dog Days” lasted until the heliacal “resurrection” (rising) of Sirius (Isis) ≈70 days later — heralding the life-giving annual flooding of the Nile to irrigate their crops. Hence, Sirius was also known in ancient Egypt as the Star of the Nile.

This year, the heliacal setting of Sirius occurred just a couple of weeks ago (05.25 on the civil calendar).

June Solstice: 06.21 (mm.dd)

Interestingly, the June solstice, the longest day of the year, occurs during this ≈70 day period that the goyim perceived as their journey in the darkness of the netherworld. This year, it will fall on 2014.06.21.

In ancient times, Sol (the Latin, Hellenist Roman and Christian sun-god), as observed from earth with the naked eye, seemed to come to a standstill and then reverse direction during the few days before and after the annual solstices (June and December). In fact, the modern term, solstice, is a combination of Sol, the Roman sun-god, and their Latin term stice — “stood still”!

Next time you’re reading the story of Yᵊhoshua making the sun and moon stand still, consider that it certainly means that Yᵊhoshua was learned enough in military strategy (having learned military strategy from a former Pharaonic prince) to plan a major battle he felt confident about winning, choosing the longest day of the year for the battle to ensure he could completely vanquish Israel’s enemy. Thus, he planned (made) the battle on Sol-stice, the day the sun and moon stood still — just like it does every year and will this year on 2014.06.21 (mm.dd).

It is only shallow, ignorant and superstitious supernaturalists, false shepherds, who pervert Torah into anti-science fairytales that drive rational, intelligent and educated people — Jews, children and goyim — away from Torah; scattering the Flock of Israel!

Heliacal rising of Sirius (Isis), the 9th of Av

The heliacal rising of Sirius at the end of ≈70 days of darkness signified to the ancient world the resurrection of Isis (ergo Egypt, later understood as all goyim) — the basis of the extra-Torah belief in Jesus‘ victory over death and Hellenist Greek (Christian) ᾅδηϛ (adæs; “Hades”: god of the netherworld and brother of Zeus), i.e., Christian purgatory and “the grave.”

This year, the zenith of the goyim calendar year, the heliacal rising of Sirius (Isis‘ resurrection), coincides exactly with the nadir for Israel’s calendar: the 9th of Biblical Fifthmonth (which became assimilated during the Babylonian Exile to Babylonian month “Av”) — 180° out of synch with Israel’s fortunes — on 2014.08.05 (mm.dd).

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