Hava (Elana) Langer
Hava (Elana) Langer

Torascope – Adar 12 5781

If you are serious about a world of growth through joy, minimal suffering for all, and healthy vibrancy everywhere you look, especially in the mirror at your own radiant self —   NOW is an excellent time to pull together your strongest energy and focus on your abilities to bring down a new reality.


According to the Torah Omens the lights (of awareness) are as accessible as ever; the chapters called Tizaveh, meaning instruction, focus exclusively on the details of the High Priest (Aaron)’s clothing and rituals, this narrative occupies our thoughts while Moses is amidst his ’40 days on the Mountain’ (getting the complete download of light in the form of the Torah). This contemplation also happens to coincide with the Full Purim Moon which peaks in Jerusalem on Saturday night. The configuration of these 3 contemplations; Moses on the mountain, the High Priest getting dressed, and Esther approaching the King, strongly invite personal and collective contemplations of the innermost chambers of spiritual access.

The Purim moon’s energy is best exemplified by the story of Esther, a woman who, through a remarkable series of coincidence, synchronicities, and enlightened prayer was able to approach the Persian King Ahasuerus and literally change the fate of her condemned people. This year enjoys a rare 3 day configuration – with the energies first opening on Thursday night, and lasting through Sunday afternoon in ‘walled cities’ like Jerusalem. *The practice of walled cities celebrating the Purim Moon a day later is a spiritual practice that mirrors the time it takes for light to reach our innermost and protected places.

And so, after passing through over a full year of separation from one another, and our unconscious patterns of life, we have a chance to take a 3 day bath in new light. Use this powerful energy to gather any parts that have been disconnected over the last year, and ask for help making whatever you call radical existential change and liberation — feminine rising, circle consciousness, the messianic coming, collective awakening — a reality for all.


Imagine you were invited to a private meeting with the king of all kings, the force that controls the entirety of the universe, at least as it relates to you and your personal existence.

What are you going to wear?
(serious question)
This week’s Torah Omens offer excruciating detail on the physical garments of the High Priest,  (right down to the pomegranate shaped bells in the edge of the garment and white linen undergarments) suggesting that what we wear is  an actual element of prayer – at least in the innermost realms. The Torah, which is understood to not waste a single letter, let alone entire paragraphs makes vitally clear that _-_-_-_ is to be greeted with a very very very specific outfit.

Combine that meditation with the Purim Full Moon that carries the energy of “nahafochu” meaning “upside down” (referring to the inversion of Fate that Esther secured) encourages each of us to play with our outward identity (through costumes and a healthy level of inebriation)  — inviting even the most asthetic practitioners to drop any pretense and drop into the goodness of feeling alive.

How would you fashion yourself to bring the greatest joy into your life?

As you prepare your inner request, take time to consider the importance of our outward presentation, like a high priest approaching the inner chamber. The world of spirit honored by all aspects of the physical form.

Wishing everyone a powerful and meaningful Purim.

May we each be blessed this weekend, and forever more, with a stream of endless cosmic support for the things that mean most to us individually, and the life we were born to achieve.
with love,

About the Author
Hava (Elana) Langer is a conceptual artist and spiritual activist. She worked for over a decade in international development for agencies like UNICEF, the CDC, WHO, and One Laptop Per Child, before shifting into her career as a conceptual artist and healer. She is currently studying with S.Y. Schneider in Jerusalem.