Hava (Elana) Langer
Hava (Elana) Langer

TORASCOPE March 19 2021



New moon. New month. New Book. New Year. New You.

According to the Torah Omens this is the quintessential time to tap the forces of cosmic emancipation for our personal and collective benefit . The Full Redemption Moon, which peaks on the 14th of Nissan, (March 27) holds the strongest potential of the year to clear constricted ways of thinking, and blocks to your fullest, freest, most radiant life.

As torah practitioners begin cleaning their homes, ride the wave of purification and clean within. Notice any places you might have unconsciously neglected during the past year, starting with any unchecked fears Corona brought to the surface, and examining the type of thought forms that hold you hostage.  And while we no longer sacrifice turtle doves and sheep to alleviate our guilt, we can offer our awareness of our misalignment as a sign of surrender.


The Golden Calf episode was forgiven, and life for B’nei Israel (The great grandchildren of Jacob) continues. This week launches the book Va’Yikra, translated as called, which offers an exhaustive list of requirements for the people that called on their ancestor’s God, who saved them from slavery and oppression, and are now required to serve that light for all time.

Imagine yourself there. An encampment in the desert that survived slavery, the parting of the Red Sea, hunger, thirst, war, the receiving of the Torah, and the sin of the Golden Calf. Now, thanks to the ability of your leader Moses, not only are you forgiven but an incredible radiance dwells in your midst, the Source of The Universe lives in a tent beside you.

Still, maybe you don’t feel so holy. You suddenly remember something you borrowed and never returned, or you damaged something didn’t admit it, or lied about something and forgot to correct yourself, whatever accidental or unconscious thing that arises, notice it. Ya’ikra starts by giving those living next to the Divine Source of Energy a chance to clear those thoughts and feelings by taking action, this week prescribes a series of physical offerings and sacrifices designed to offset certain moral or spiritual transgression.

Imagine the ability to transfer any guilty thinking or obsessive rumination into an offering that is burnt in smoke. To reset your internal alignment and please the Source Energy of the Universe that may have been offended by your moral violation.


What do you do when you feel you made a mistake?

What areas do you need to clear? For what would you make your offering? What sins of omission did you commit for which you feel guilty?

Take time to imagine this offering. (thankfully it is an offering in a thought not an animal so we have no ethical animal issues to deal with right now)

How would it feel when the High Priest takes your offering? Can you see the smoke coming off of it? How does it feel to see your sins burnt up in an official way?

Allow yourself to feel the success of the offering. Allow forgiveness to be received. Don’t dwell in shame or self blame, take action to acknowledge and surrender.

Make Your Own Ritual

This is the time of the year to clean your house of breadcrumbs and your soul from misalignment. 

Drop into your personal Mitzraim (Egypt). Where is your consciousness or life circumstance trapped in an oppressive cycle that cuts you off from the possibility of enjoying your world? As you clean your home look also within and scan for any places of enslaved thinking.

Ask yourself: What do I feel I MUST do? Is that true?

Keep coming back to yourself. To this moment. To the truth of this time. To the Pre/Post global pandemic that changed the way the world sees itself, and the mechanisms to which we are all enslaved.

Take time to refresh yourself completely.

What constrictions are you willing and wanting to let go of? What oppressive ways of thinking are killing your spirit?

This Passover cycle, for those that are ready, is a time to access the wisdom of the ancients and unlock the promise of collective redemption and emancipation from sin.

I invite us all to go through this Passover cycle, in awareness together, so that when the Full Redemption Moon shines on the 14th of the month, we are able to, together, bring  a final release of doubt, hatred and confusion from the world.

Wishing everyone a Shabbat Shalom and successful cleaning inside and out.

with love,


About the Author
Hava (Elana) Langer is a conceptual artist and spiritual activist. She worked for over a decade in international development for agencies like UNICEF, the CDC, WHO, and One Laptop Per Child, before shifting into her career as a conceptual artist and healer. She is currently studying with S.Y. Schneider in Jerusalem.
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