Hava (Elana) Langer
Hava (Elana) Langer

Torascope March 25


How has this year’s global pandemic affected your understanding of personal and social freedom?

According to the Torah Omens, Saturday night’s Full Redemption Moon marks the yearly lunar portal to personal and collective emancipation. Use this week’s energy wisely.  Continue to sift through the thoughts, feelings, and limiting beliefs about reality that surfaced this year – as if you were hunting for overlooked breadcrumbs around your home. Be gentle, be slow, and be kind to yourself – the pressure generated can easily become frantic and overwhelming.

Summon a deep ferocity to live with integrity, authenticity and passion and BEG whatever supreme force you understand to control and create the universe, to help you get there.

For those working with the Torah tradition, invite the symbolic resonance of flat bread (Matzah), Bitter Herbs (Marror), and the Lamb offering (which is no longer ritualistically killed)  to signify a sacrifice of personal logic to a consciousness higher than your own.


It’s go time people!

After a year filled with fear, social isolation, protest, panic, frustration, and the emotions that come when we face our human vulnerabilities, it is time to get FREE.

But what does freedom even mean?  Financial security, physical safety, and the ability to speak openly are characteristics of freedom, but what has the past year revealed to you about Freedom’s core essence?

This week’s meditation called Tzav, translated as Command, focuses on the purification of Aaron, the High Priest and his sons. Moses marks them with blood, anoints them in oil and gives strict instructions on how to conduct their daily rituals, and purify the nation.  This blessed position carries with it deadly consequences, if they mess up a single gesture, they die. Still, Aaron and his sons had one thing that anyone searching for their true purpose in life longs to have –  a very clearly defined role within the tribe, and all of existence. Is that true freedom?

Are the most spiritually regulated people in the world, the most free because their cosmic purpose is defined?

The weekend’s contemplation of the High Priest’s initiation feeds directly into Saturday’s Full Redemption Moon, the night Torah practitioners are commanded to embody the feeling of slavery through the retelling of the Exodus story in the FIRST PERSON. And yet — how many of us, privileged as we are, can relate to actual slavery? 

As our world grapples to teach perspective on privileged positions, Torah practitioners ritualistically attempt to fulfill their spiritual commandment to fully embody an ancestral slave consciousness.  The requirement includes imagining one’s life trapped within an abusive, illegal system without a break or a chance to advance— the meditation’s goal is to feel, at a soul level, the need to cry out to an ancestral God for help — and to also experience at a somatic level the relief of being saved.

Egypt was considered the most technologically advanced civilization of it’s the time, and yet, much like our own reality, was a society that ran on the backs of slaves. The system was not redeemed, the slavery did not lessen, the conditions did not improve, (in fact once _- _- _- _ gets involved conditions worsen). And yet, after a show of supernatural force of 10 plagues ending with the death of the first born, only those that believed strongly enough to follow spiritual orders were saved and literally brought out of physical place of enslavement. Perhaps the answer is not to try to “fix” a broken consciousness, but to accept the need to leave it altogether.

Whether we are enslaved physically, by our technological devices and the thought forms they deliver, our governments, negative self image, or whatever keeps us locked from joy – one thing is for certain — we are going to need supernatural help getting out. Systems, like the oppressive consciousness that run and benefit from them, don’t suddenly start liberating people – even when the people protest. And if the oppressed do get into power, they often become even more oppressive then those that enslaved them.

So keep on cleaning. Scrub to the core. Get rid of any traces of our ego’s delusion that it thinks it can free itself by its own logic. Bite into the flat bread of utter surrender. And try to admit, through each bite, that we need freedom– not just for some — but for ALL.

This is the BIG MOMENT OF THE YEAR to BEG for something new.



What did Corona teach you about the nature of your personal freedom this year?

What is it still teaching you?

According to the Torah Omens, our best chance of the year for redemptive thinking to take root occurs Saturday night around midnight. For those that are serious about getting out, please take this cosmic opening seriously.

Take some time this weekend to offer a symbolic gesture of survival and commitment. Throughout this pandemic no one was completely immune, if not to die, then to be a vehicle through which fear, anxiety and panic moved.

Transmute the trapped feelings through an offering of gratitude. And then, when you feel ready, Call on your God, (whatever that notion means to you) and ask HE, SHE, IT, THEY, THEM, WHATEVER YOU CALL IT, to get us out of this mess of our reality.

( sample offering )

Please _-_-_-_

I beg you to please lift us out of small minded consciousness and deliver me, and this entire planet into a world of Growth through Joy, limited suffering, compassion, justice, forgiveness, love and the light of understanding for all of creation.

(possible opening)

I acknowledge my limitations, fears, and hesitations. Please continue to forgive my mistakes and help me to learn to more deeply forgive myself.

( possible insertion)

Please remove evil, hatred and the illusion of separation from our midst and help us each and all find a place of deep, rooted, and fulfilling belonging.

( and then)


Wishing everyone a happy and healthy and clear and clean transition to a more inclusive, expansive, committed, enlightened, joyful, hopeful reality.

“we were slaves, now we are children of freedom”

all my love,


About the Author
Hava (Elana) Langer is a conceptual artist and spiritual activist. She worked for over a decade in international development for agencies like UNICEF, the CDC, WHO, and One Laptop Per Child, before shifting into her career as a conceptual artist and healer. She is currently studying with S.Y. Schneider in Jerusalem.